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How a tartan rebellion has become material rebellion....

The question is how material are you?  All answers are correct, we all have the freedom of choice.

But I ask, with your answer and thinking about the physical possessions or experiences you acquire, purchase or are bestowed upon you, do you know how they came to be?  Do you know how you are directly impacting on that?


For me its not about whether you care about that information, it is a responsibility to have that information to make the best decision.  As a member of a global society we could be now considered negligent if we do not have the answers.  With digital communications and visual transparency nothing should be 'secret' anymore, which is different to privacy. 

It is 2020, and the world and all people are being given the chance to rethink about how we are all part of the problem and the solution in just about everything.  Common to all of that is the material question and conversation.  Common to all is that we can make this change right now, this very second!


I started Prickly Thistle, with Scottish pride, identity and legacy burning deep inside me.  I wanted to show that this iconic cloth of design made you feel something so powerful it influenced the way you lived your life.  I had a dream to help the Scottish textiles industry grow, and make more woven in Scotland tartan because at that time we were producers of the lowest global percentage.  The vision in the beginning was to create a business, create jobs and challenge creativity through the sale of tartan collections.

All of this has not changed, but now we have learned, we have grown and we see our responsibility is not just to make more tartan and have it come from the Scottish Highlands with traditional skills and authenticity.  We need to be a voice for the material rebellion!

Inspiring and sharing our learnings on all things material, hoping we can just make a few more out there stop and say I am so glad I asked, I gained knowledge, I influenced positive change and I supported those who have the courage to do this everyday.  I feel good about me!


The material rebellion, is a rebellion to gain knowledge and use that knowledge to care for others as much as yourself.  This impact happens everyday, what products you buy, what you put in your bin, the social media you like and reshare - all things you consume have impact.  Because when we do that, we have a fairer society, we have a kinder society and our planet thanks us for that!

Clare x


  • Thank you for this !!! Prickly Thistle has inspired and challenged me to think and act materially responsible and I continue to pass this knowledge and awareness on.


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