We don't analyse you....

A huge bug bear of mine is the whole 'analysis' craze for literally everything....  Where many in the modern world think the key to everything is in the amount of time you analyse and re-analyse big data.  Then if you cannot find it you just keep gathering and adding more data... 

But I ask with the methods of obtaining all of this data and how its used, are there more positives than negatives?  Well for me its a massive net negative all the way, as nothing is more accurate than human instinct in terms of what you say, when you say it and what you do.  If people share personal information with you then you treat that with the up most respect.  Use your instinct, an sacred skill that is honed through conversations with other human beings and not sitting in front of a computer reading what an algorithm has been programmed to spit out, then invade others on mass....

We have all seen the targeted analysis, how you are tracked and when it comes to commercial 'invasion' you are hounded with the 'next must have'.  From sponsored ads on social media platforms, buying key word google listings, giving free product to influencers (who will say its amazing even if they don't think so most of the time), and being suckered into advertising media packages on the sell of X million customers in your 'target audience'.  Most words used in the marketing world are those used in an invasion.... we say end all of that bollocks!

Something we are very proud of at Prickly Thistle is our big data analysis policy, WE DONT HAVE ONE....

We believe that if we weave integrity into everything we do, respect all who support us as customers and share our values and journey with others, then our story will reach those in a kind meaningful way.

So if you see sponsored ads, be a rebel block them, unfollow, lets end all invasions....

Clare x


  • A very interesting perspective. I think I agree with the perspective that data and the “insights” it offers are mostly targeted at exploitation. However, I wonder if we can throw out the baby with the bathwater, because apart from the marketing applications, it does do a world of good elsewhere.

  • All the best for the New Year to you Clare and everyone at Prickly Thistle. Always in favour of a responsible consumption of natural resources.

    Nigel Bath

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