Denim Drop

    This mini collection features select Prickly Thistle tartan fabrics being used to add a new rebellious lease of life to pre-loved denim.  We have taken our unique in-house zero waste designs and used them to inspire a collection that helps encourage re-use of existing fabrics.

    We know most womxn (because we have it ourselves...) has a drawer or two full of jeans you will never wear but don't know what to do with them!  Well our solution is send us your jeans and we can tartan them up!  If you don't have any denim you want to drop then we have a growing store of denim just waiting to be loved once again, with a bit of reimaging!

    In this collection we re-use the waistband and front pockets of all jeans to form a frame for our maxi and mini skirts, and with the legs we re-imagine them as funky new denim tees!  All zero waste, because we all know that is the ultimate bad-ass style of the future, right....