Collection: Earth Day 2020

Inspired by the one home we all share, Earth.

2020 has been a year a history will never forget for many reasons, for us its the year that the Earth had a chance to breathe again.  Up to this moment in time, we have become acutely aware of our responsibility as custodians for this fragile planet.  What we said and did everyday mattered, not just to us but everyone.

So we created a tartan, that is symbolic of our courage to stand.  To stand up for new values, that are possibly values of the past that got lost along the way.  Where the planet, the people and all living things matter in equal importance.

This design has been overwhelmingly inspired by the colours of our earthly home.  With fresh, bright and deep blues representing the vast oceans and waterways we have harmonised them with the rugged greens of the land we roam.  

Woven together with our unique 2020 style, every inch of this cloth has a time marker forming its very fabric.

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