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We our proud custodians of some of the most unique and Highland tartans in the world.  As the only dedicated tartan mill weavers in the mainland Highland region of Scotland, we lay claim to the ultimate sense of place when it comes to tartan design and creation.  Born in the 21st century, we have restored a fundamental to the fabric of Highland life and culture. 

But as a relatable, relevant and real army of Rebels this fabric revolution is with a design difference!  We guarantee you will not find anything quite like our fabrics anywhere else in the world....

Welcome to our Fabric Room, where you can select from our fabric reserves and custom order something for you, a loved one, your home or all of the above.

As artisan weavers, we can assure you our fabric is like the rarest whisky.  Our commitment to sustainable practices and the value we place on authentically woven tartan is true to our weave less and love more motto.  Your custom order will be part of a very limited collection always.  

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