Christmas Jumpers Traditions - Let's Go Back....

Christmas Jumpers Traditions - Let's Go Back.... - Prickly Thistle

Hands up, we have all probably bought one for ourselves or for someone else.  We asked all around the mill and yes we either have Christmas jumpers, tee's or even pj's in our wardrobes.... but when you don't know you don't know....

Now that we do, we see this form of fast and often single use fashion go nuts at this time of year and to be honest we go nuts at how its even still allowed?  Be it in supermarkets, stores, online and even TV presenters promoting what we can only describe as plastic clothes often made with slavery - not very in keeping with the spirit of Christmas when you think about it.

We discovered that two out of five Christmas jumpers are only worn once over the Christmas period and then end up in landfill by New Year, this is bonkers!  So we thought if Christmas jumpers were a tradition in the past, then hi-jacked by fast fashion for a few years, then lets claim the tradition back and do it old skool....

  1. There are lots of creative and fun ways to turn a boring old jumper you already have into a festive one - so find a boring jumper or even buy a new 100% wool jumper that you can make Christmassy then remove your adornments and use all year! 
  2. Attach pom-poms, ribbons, small knitted or felt decorations, bells or even just stitching. These can be made from old tee-shirts, cutting up clothes you're going to discard.

How simple is that! So let's rebel against buying a new Christmas jumper, tee or pj's each year and make it part of your Christmas fun decorating days or nights.  Start a new family tradition and rebel up your own style!  Also if you are on full blown rebel level, then ask people why they buy them and do they know what these 'Christmas' pieces of clothing really say....  We reckon they will have never even thought about it, and when they know, they know and you have just created the next rebel recruit, high five you!

What will SHE say in 200 years?....

Christmas jumpers made from plastic with slavery are sh#t ba-humbug to that!

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