Learning How To Be A Sustainable Rebel: Our Top 5 Favourite Instagram Accounts

Learning How To Be A Sustainable Rebel: Our Top 5 Favourite Instagram Accounts - Prickly Thistle

The fight to change consumer & brand behaviour in the fashion industry is one that can never be done alone. Over the past few decades, the glamourisation of ruthlessness and competitiveness has tried to fool us into thinking it’s the only way to be successful, but in this fight the opposite is true. Coming together is the only option to achieve this collective goal and save ourselves!

With that, we will start regularly sharing social media accounts who are also spreading the truth and educating about sustainability. These incredible folk are regularly on our reading list and provide easily digestible resources:






Just like we cleanse our skin, cleanse our insides, cleanse our homes… we must cleanse our social media too! Friends, we urge you to take back power over what you are exposed to – because it has a huge impact on your thoughts and behaviour\\|

Unfollow fast fashion accounts

Unfollow ‘celebrities’ and ‘influencers’ who accept money to promote them

The last thing we will do is encourage people to be on their phones more, but the time that you do choose to spend surfing Instagram and Twitter can have a positive impact when you build your feed up with accounts that want to genuinely help you and all of us

Love Clare and the team


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