Behind The Scenes Clips

Rebels Being Rebels.... Here is our Behind The Scenes....

Lois and Nicole in a field flapping.... Summer 2018

Lois and Nicole sharing a joke through the glass window, they have skills we did not even know about.... Summer 2018

Clare with an audience at Clava Cairns filming for first Kickstarter project.... Summer 2017

Clare and some zombie family and friends filming for first Kickstarter project.... Summer 2017

Yes Gary, a denim jacket and a kilt is THE look of every rebel, our Outlander Thank You Film from the first Kickstarter film.... Summer 2017

Heathrow Airport and Clare setting up her new phone (drove over the previous one at the mill....) face recognition after no sleep for 24 hours was a challenge.... April 2019

Clare has very little signature dance moves, so smile.... New York Caledonian Club Ceilidh April 2019

Rebel group hug with Gordon Millar as we get ready to march like Rebels down 6th Avenue, NYC, Tartan Day Parade.... April 2019

Gordon and Brad, embrace, it says it all.... April 2019

Finlay Wilson finds a new friend everywhere, we all love Finlay!.... April 2019

Sir Billy actually thought Prickly Thistle was a rock band.... April 2019

Martin and Nicole knotting in, or Martin knocking his head.... Summer 2019

Clare finds the 21st Century Outlander portal, a wind turbine on a remote hill.... Summer 2019

Thereza is thriving!.... Summer 2019

Martin is really only 21!!!, we all struggle at the mill to keep up with him.... Summer 2019

Lois skipping like.... Summer 2018

Lois at the helm of the loom ship, hard right.... Summer 2018

Coffee X Cloth Cheers with Clare and Thereza.... Summer 2019

Thereza is also known as SpiderWoman, spin it!.... Summer 2019

Shirley Chief HandFray Handler.... Summer 2019

Thereza giving it thumbs up to another Martin story from back in the day, he is our Yoda of philosophy.... Summer 2019

Nicole and Sandie suddenly spot a 'Martin' under the loom, nifty little creatures with a spanner.  Nicole is off to get the net.... Summer 2019

Lois never mucks it up!  Stop laughing Scott.... Summer 2018

Martin telling another story to Clare, we could have a whole film dedicated to him.... Summer 2018

So Martin says, put your right hand in, take your right hand out, do the hokey cokey and you turnaround!  Nicole knows where this is going and Lois trying not to offend.... Summer 2018

Sheena professionally creating our health and safety risk assessment procedures on film, this one is Banana Skin Disposal At Work.... Summer 2019

More to come, enjoy the journey.... the rebels x