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Elements Stoneware Pudding Bowl - Earth
Elements Stoneware Pudding Bowl - Earth

Elements Stoneware Pudding Bowl - Earth

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Pudding, soup, salad, rice, cereal, the options are endless, we like to think a bowl is really a plate with big sides!

Our stoneware collection has been created in collaboration with Tain Pottery, located just a few miles north of our mill in the Scottish Highlands.  With clay mixed by their fair hands, fired into form then to be hand painted with our Elements of Endurance Tartan designs and unique alchemy symbol, a final fire ensures you can dine like a true tartan rebel with ever lasting artwork!

Each iconic piece of our inaugural stoneware collection will have some slight colour and or pattern variation, validating the hand painted nature of such a special piece for your home.

Design - Earth, a rich warm brown colour palette
Dimensions - Height 10cm, Diameter 16cm
Volume - 1 litre
Care - fired to 1200+ degrees centigrade ensures this item is oven and freezer proof, dishwasher and microwave safe

Made by Tartan Rebels with purpose and a love for all things sustainable!