NTS - #HeritageInYourHands Makers Cards

NTS - #HeritageInYourHands Makers Cards

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As part of this special fundraising project we also wanted to share some fun sustainable making projects for everyone to enjoy.  Where we hope over the coming months you share with us and the National Trust for Scotland what you have created as part of the #HeritageInYourHands.

For just now we have listed 6 product suggestions and noting the required material to make these.  This will be followed up with lots of images and even a small film or two of us making these with the new bespoke tartans.... and we could even have some special guests!

So to get you thinking and help with deciding on how much fabric you would like, here we have;

1. Envelope Cushion - 40cm square would make two cushions from 1 metre of fabric

2. Tote Bag - with 1 metre of fabric you would be able to use the fabric for two bags as an outer fabric or make one with the tartan used inside also.

3. Apron - you only require a 60-80cm square of fabric to make this zero waste special, depending on what size you would prefer.

4. Lunch Bag - to make one lunch bag you only require 80cm x 30cm, therefore 1 metre of fabric could make you at least 4 lunch bags, so some to share!

5. Colouring Pens/Cutlery or Make-Up Roll - 

6. The Great Kilt - 8 metres would make two kilts with no seams, or 4 metres with a hidden seam would make one gents kilt.

If you wish to receive more information on the makers cards, please add this product to your basket when ordering your fabric.