The Mac-Beth Bag
The Mac-Beth Bag
The Mac-Beth Bag
The Mac-Beth Bag

The Mac-Beth Bag

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The Mac-Beth bag may just look like a classic sporran.... but there is more!

Incorporating the classic sporran form our Mac-Beth bag has simple sword drop closure, secured with a chain fixed to the reverse of the bag.  Each comes with its own set of chains which you can fix to the back of the bag to wear in sporran style or fix to the sides of the bag to wear over your shoulder.  With that we have Mac version (sporran style) and the Beth version (shoulder bag). 

We love re-use, so with this hardy investment you have something you can share wth another!  We also think it is the perfect bag to wear with all of our #WomenInKilt Maxi's and Midi's

But there is more....

Etched onto the bag of the bag is our take on the famous MacBeth quote, "What is done, cannot be undone"  We have of course crossed out the not in cannot and have a new version, "What is done, can be undone"

Dimensions & Features

  • Bag length 19cm
  • Bag width 16cm (at widest point)
  • Bag depth 4.5cm
  • Maximum chain lengths 106cm
  • Minimum chain lengths 86cm

Finishings - all chains and bag closure made with antique silver nickel

Made From & Made By

Made with 100% Veg Tanned Dyed Leather
Made by hand in the Scottish Highlands by skilled leatherworker Jim
Made for Tartan Rebels with purpose

Customer Reviews

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Diane Black Datoo (Brisbane, AU)
My new Sporran

This lovely bag finally arrived today, I was becoming a bit worried what with xmas and covid post. It truely is a wee beauty. A combination of leather, chain, buckle and metal toggle. Just the right size for phone and mask with room for extra bits and pieces. Fits neatly over the shoulder relaxing against the waist. The quantity of the leather and finishings is of the standard now known by Prickly Thistle and appreciated. The shoulder strap being a wonderful soft, flexible leather the body of the sporran being a thicker more robust leather, holding its shape perfectly. The clasp is a thing of beauty in its simplicity. For myself, the feel of the various leathers and the wonderful earthy smell leather puts out combined with its beauty has again made me a happy and proud PT customer.