28 Days create a new habit....

28 Days create a new habit....

Did you know that is can only take 28 days to form a new habit!  

Well, if the truth be told, for some it can be a lot quicker or a lot longer.  But really no matter how long it takes to form a new good habit, if you do it everyday, if it makes you feel good about you, we never give up and boom the habit becomes a part of your everyday life and that of others.

So the habit we want to inspire, is wearing less and loving more!  Invest in a capsule wardrobe, shop smart, support brands who genuinely care about the planet and all people above those who seek to profiteer on the latest 'trend'.  Please do remember first and foremost these items are most likely already in your wardrobe, and if they are then buy NOTHING!

As the month of February aptly has 28 days we thought we would kick off with our first ever #28DaySustainableStyle item.

Each month we will share everyday pictures of us at the mill wearing one item and for all of our amazing customers out there we will share there pics too if you tag us in on twitter, instagram and facebook or feel free to email hello@pricklythistlescotland.com.

The challenge for each month is super easy,

1. Find a capsule piece of clothing you love

2. Wear it everyday for 28 days, go rebel with your styling!

3. Have fun with it, feel good about your stand against fast fashion and social pressures to always have a certain 'look'....

Lets inspire change, be kinder to the fabric of the planet and unleash fashion freedom!  We will fight with you and keep our tartan fabric rebellion going strong all the way up in the northern Scottish Highlands!

I would love it if you joined us, what will they say in 200 years....

Clare x


  • Terri Lightfoot

    I have a treasured knitted vest that I think I bought pre-1989. It is still my favorite cozy for going out or staying in … 28 days … I’m in! Fast Fashion … you’re out!!!

  • Alberthe

    Love this! I’m in!!
    My favourite jeans & boots would be too easy 🙂, so I’ll think of something more challenging. Might go for one of my favourite cardigans (which I’ve had for aeons…)

  • Karen

    I love that you are doing this to end the fast fashion mentality! We don’t need one more article of clothing to find its way to the dumps having only been worn once or twice…. I will wear my gray wool vest for 28 days ( a favorite of mine that is already 18 years old) and pair it with my Elements Symbol Scarf – xxoo Prickly Thistle is the change we need to see in this world.

  • Karin Stegmann

    Seldom we need the “must have” things seen in glossy magazines. Checking your wardrobe before you buy anything new is a good idea. More brands selling environment and worker friendly clothing would be welcome. Friends and family used to notice that I have favourite things…… wearing them often. :)

  • Diane Black Datoo

    An amazing idea. I sew my own clothes and wear them literally for decades because I love the fabrics (which is why I bought them, especially my hand dyed batic) Must admit though I only wear an item for 2 days, then into the wash. Looking forward to your maxi tartan skirt when I have enough pennies!

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