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The Loyal Rebel Register

On the 6th April 2020 we announced our Declaration of Prickly Thistle.

We have spent a long time looking at our #PayItForward promises, and with that we created the The Loyal Rebel Register.  This is for our loyal customers, who support our brand and values by buying from our tartan collections.
What better day to launch it than the 6th April 2020.  A special day in Scottish history, when 700 years ago the Declaration of Arbroath was signed.
Our Declaration is always to #PayItForward, asking for people to always recognise that in our lifetimes we can be the change we want to see in the world.
We will reward all customers with a series of Loyal Rebel Rewards.  For every £1 you spend with us you are awarded 1 Loyal Point. The latest reward options will be listed in your account.  The one we are most proud of is our charity reward, where if you wished to donate your loyalty to a registered charity of your choice we will honour that!  This reward equates to 5% of what you spend, starting at donations of £50.   
As a Rebel Brand we like to break the rules and do things differently from everyone else.  Our values to preserve and protect the planet and people through our tartan adventures will always remain.
To access or create your entry in the Register, you can log on or create your customer account at any time.  You can access your account and points information by clicking on the JOIN OUR LOYAL REBEL REGISTER tab on the bottom left on any shop page.
Thank you kindly for your loyalty,

Love from Clare and the Rebels at Prickly Thistle x