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Rebel Row Store

Why is the store called Rebel Row?

Our name is a playful nod to the iconic Savile Row found in London, known for its bespoke tailoring for men.  But as many now know we're do not conform to the norms.... We are fabric and clothing rebels, and our mission is to swim against the current of "fashion" that has dominated the last 100 years.  We love to show how it really is possible to make cool ethical fabric and clothing, designed in an infinitely zero waste way that can be affordable, all about the #girlmaths.... 

What shall I find in the Rebel Row Store?

We are thrilled to have our first permanent flagship store, in the Highland capital of Inverness, but of course.... as Dorothy always said, there is no place like home....

In store you will find SO many authentic made in Scotland, vintage Levi's and upcycled delights created by us at our mill but also representing other bad-ass womxn brands we just LOVE.

Elvis & Kresse - we are so proud to be the ONLY stockist in Scotland for a collection of their re-imagined fire house accessories.  Saving fire houses from landfill, Kresse and her team have created the most amazing bags & belts (plus more....)  They are also a fellow B Corp business, who lead the way many years ago, a huge inspiration to us!

Amy Britton - stunning small accessories can be found in Amy's gorgeous undyed wool collection.  Little purses, cosmetic bags and cool sunnies protective cases are all here.  Amy originally from Dornoch, a Highland lass is forever home and her passion for a carbon free Scotland we salute!

Lucy Tammam - we met Lucy through our Climate Stripes work, and she is a clothing warrior, always fighting the system!  In store we have a collection of her peace silk scarves all featuring stunning EESA map images of the most iconic landscapes on our beautiful planet.

Highland Soap Company - we fell in love with their shampoo bars years ago and love to promote these plastic free beauty items all made in Scotland!  The fit perfectly inside Amy's little purses, making them ideal for travelling too.  We also have a selection of candles and foot creams for the bad-ass womxn who keeps on marching!  

Hemp It Up - the lovely Alison is one of the very few licensed hemp farmers in Scotland.  Creating delicious edible oils with her crops but also infused soap bars.  We really hope one day we can weave plant fibre textiles with her crops also.... another prickly project in the pipeline!

Uist Wool - we are thrilled to be the only city stockist of Island scoured and spun wool by the amazing Uist Wool team.  In store you will find knitting patterns and a range of stunning wool skeins for your next project!

Do you hold events at Rebel Row? 

Absolutely, we could never call ourselves rebels if we didn't party every now and then...  So what events do we have happening?

No Bra Club - Every month we meet up on a Thursday evening for all sorts of fun sessions!  You can read more HERE.

Live Look Book - Have you ever wondered how to wear a piece of Prickly?  Well there is SO many ways to wear what we make, which we love, we call it playing with Prickly!  But sometimes it's much more fun to see someone else giving you a wee demo, we have that covered with our Live Look Book nights at Rebel Row.  To book a FREE Look Live Night space click HERE. 

Swing & Swap Nights - Swing those hangers and swap your clothes with others!  For 2024 we will be hosting clothes swap nights for all those bad-ass womxn of the Highlands who have wardrobes bursting with cool clothes they no longer wear.  We will have drinks and nibbles on the evening to keep those energy levels up, and ensure all of the clothes that are up for swapping are displayed beautifully!  All we ask if for a small £15 entry fee, with 50% of that being donated to Mikey's Line, a local mental health charity.  The swing & swap nights for our first year 2024 will run from 7-9pm, on Thurs 19th Sept and Thurs 21st Nov.  Entry tickets can be bought HERE for any of these date with more info on the how you can swap for free with each other and have fun!

Rebel Row Reset Nights - on the last night of certain months, announced via email only, we will have an EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF everything in store that night!  To celebrate a new month, with new love, new meaning and new beginings.  These events will be announced 7 days before they are due to happen, and will be held in our Rebel Row Store from 10pm-Midnight.  Make sure you are on our mailing list.... and tell your pals!

Rebel Row Experience Vouchers - Treat yourself, or a loved one to a personal Rebel Row experience!  Find out more HERE.  

What if I want to pick up an order at this store?

We are open for all online orders 24/7 and when you select the pick up option on checkout we can have this ready for you at Rebel Row if you wish.  Please just add this to your notes on order.

We can ship to anywhere from Rebel Row?
As we love to make to measure, we can take your measurements in store and ship onwards home to you.
Where is the store located?

You can find us on What 3 Words - and just checkout the ever so relevant 3 words for our location, who knew! https://w3w.co/voice.moved.pink


Can I visit the mill to see the tartan being woven?
Yes you sure can!  We have full mill tours now available one day a week during the long summer months.  
If you wish to book at tour at the mill, then you can click here


Where is the mill located?
You can find the map of where we are here on our main visit us page.


Rebel Row Store

The Rebel Row Store, 17 Union Street, Inverness, IV1 1PL


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  • Sun - Closed
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