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Join The VIR Club

What is the VIR Club?

It's our club of Very Important Rebel womxn from all over the world!  Launched in October 2021 we wanted to say hey you gals, if you love what we do and why we do it, your partial to the odd piece of Prickly either for yourself or for someone else, then we have this idea!

If you wanted to pay a regular monthly amount to us in exchange for that money being available instantly as a voucher for our store plus get quarterly bonus vouchers for free all because you are so bad-ass for sticking with us, would you be up for it?  It helps us steady our financial ship and to say thanks we will give you some awesome perks!

As of May 2023 we introduced the new VIR Club tiers, each unlocking different perks depending on the value of your subscription.

Points to Pay or Pay It Forward  

Not just with the points that come from being a subscribed VIR, every customer gets 1 point for every £1 they spend with us.  We put this in place on the 6 April 2020, and called it our Loyal Rebel Register, we register points for everyone.  They can be saved up for vouchers, or like many of our customers do, they are converted in to Pay It Forward donations to a charity of their choice.  Equally, your bonus vouchers from being a VIR can also be used as Pay It Forward donations.  So use your points to pay, or pay it forward with Prickly Thistle.

What are the bad-ass perks?

We have tried to keep it as easy as possible with a tiered system, where the amount you subscribe to paying each month unlocks various perks, these are shown below;


Extra Notes

  • For every £1 spent at Prickly you will automatically be rewarded with 1 point.  You do not need to subscribe to qualify for this, you just need to set-up an account.  
  • To redeem any points at anytime, our redemption rate is 20 points buys you £1 worth of vouchers, ie 100 points can be redeemed for a £5 voucher.  These can also be converted into charitable donations of your choice.
  • For every rebel referral link you share and that is used, we will give both you and your friend a £25 vouchers
  • Free mill tours are for our Evanton based mill, each tour will last approx 1hour.  Please email us to book in advance to guarantee that someone will be available.
  • All subscriptions from £10 to £35 per month will be gifted FREE points for gift vouchers to the value of 15% of your subscription
  • All subscriptions equal to £40 and up to £75 per month will be gifted FREE points for gift vouchers to the value of 20% of your subscription
  • All subscriptions equal to £100 and above will be gifted FREE points for gift vouchers to the value of 25% of your subscription
  • All gift vouchers will be awarded every 3 months from the date of when you commence your subscription.
  • All VIR members can request free basic alterations, such as buckle sizing adjustment (please not any shipping costs are not covered)
  • All VIR members will be given a birthday treat, this will be a voucher equal to the value of your monthly subscription during your birthday month.
  • For Protector, Warrior and Liberator VIR's you can book at personal shopping/styling session with us.  This can be online, at our mill or if we have a bricks and mortar store at the time then you can also come see us there.  Just email shop@pricklythistlescotland.com to arrange.  Depending on which type of VIR you can do this once a year or up to 6 times a year!
  • Double Points Day are available for Protector, Warrior and Liberator VIR's, just let us know what day you wish to double up your points on and we will make sure you are rewarded.  Depending on which type of VIR you can do this once a year or up to 6 times a year!
  • Each year we will create an Annual Activism Flag, this will be made by Clare during the Christmas holidays, which is the only time the mill closes completely.  Depending on which type of VIR you can chose to have 1 personal label or up to 8 labels.  These flags will form part of the mill interior but will also be used at a variety of events across Scotland.  These flags will also be loaned to museums for textile related exhibitions.
  • For Warriors and Liberators only, each Christmas a special gift tailored to your personal shopping preferences will be sent to you from Clare personally, think of it as a thoughtful surprise from a best pal in the Scottish Highlands, Clare's way of saying thank you!
  • For Warriors and Liberators only, you will be entitled to personalised labelling.  Using Scottish tanned leather hides, we can add any personal labels to your orders throughout the year, just ask and we will make it happen!  All Warriors can have up to 14 items with personal labels and for all Liberators there is no limit.
  • Warriors and Liberators have access to private and exclusive BTS films, you can reach out anytime and ask us what you would like to know more about/see or ask and Clare will make sure a 15-30 minute video is made just for you.
  • Exclusive to Liberators are 3 very exciting perks!  You can design your very own clothes with Clare, make a 2 hour appointment with Clare and share your vision, she will create a design just for and you are free to take the sketches as a keepsake.  This can be in person or virtual, you just let us know what you would prefer via email.  Next up for this Liberator category is 12 personalised loom links each year being set aside for you.  We will contact you on the anniversary of your subscription to ask you what you would like engraved on these and our genuine, real and rare links will be sent home to you.  These links will have woven thousands of metres of tartan in their time.  Finally the most amazing perk is that you can once a year use our space for your own personal use!  You can book our mill for 3 hours (weekends or any weekday evening after 5pm) or make use of any store we have on your chosen date.  Please email us in advance to ensure your date and time is available.
  • All VIR members will have access to all new products created by us via the VIR Private Preview Collection 
  • All VIR members will be given an exclusive VIR Membership card.  Made from FSC timber, carrying the mark of a VIR Rebel, our logo.  Should you ever visit our mill in Scotland, you will be given a VIR free tour and welcome gift when you show us your card!

How do I join?

All you need to do is add your preferred monthly subscription amount to your basket and checkout!  You can get signed up anytime, just by clicking on VIR Membership

There is no shipping charge with this item, and we will send your VIR Members card with your first order, we know you won't mind us not incurring carbon miles for a wee bit of wood, even though we know it's a pretty bad-ass wee bit of wood!  Whenever anyone flashes a plastic gold or platinum card again you can just show them your VIR card and let that mic drop!

If you wish to subscribe and include other items in your basket that is all good.  But we just want to give you a heads up on orders containing additional items that you wish to pay for via one of our Payment Plans (Lay Away or Partial.ly).  We suggest that you place a seperate order for your VIR Membership as full payment of your order will be processed on everything at the checkout. 

Should you have any questions then please reach out to us on email anytime, we love saying hello! shop@pricklythistlescotland.com


How do I access the previews?

As soon as we have any new items added to the VIR Private Preview Collection, we will send you an email to confirm what has been added with a direct link to the collection page.  In order to the view the items you might need to login to your customer account, if your device has not stored your account details.

You can also view the VIR Private Preview Collection anytime, by clicking on the VIR Preview link listed in the Explore section at the bottom of every page.

So how does it work?    

  1. On every three month anniversary of your subscription we will gift you your FREE points and add these to your personal Loyal Rebel Register account.  For example with a £10 membership we will add 90 points four times a year, which equates to an £18 Loyal Rebel Gift.  You will also have £120 of points from your paid subscription to redeem.
  2. Your monthly subscription points will be added monthly upon payment and can be redeemed anytime.  For example, for your £10 membership we will add 200 points for every payment made.
  3. At any time you can redeem your points and convert them into vouchers for using on our store, online or if you ever pop into the Mill in the Scottish Highlands.  Remember your FREE points are only added on each three month anniversary of your membership, we will email you each time to confirm they have been added.
  4. When you redeem your points for voucher codes, you can share this with anyone.  Just simply use your voucher to purchase a gift voucher online and you can send this to them.  Please note all redemption codes are linked to your customer account, and vouchers will only apply when purchasing as a logged in customer.
  5. Your subscription payment will be debited every 30 days (monthly) from the date of placing your order.  With your first payment being the day you subscribe.
  6. You can cancel your subscription at anytime, however we can only award the VIR points for each completed three month subscription period up to the date of cancellation.  Please just email shop@pricklythistlescotland.com to confirm, this email will be used as the formal cancellation notice.
  7. The FREE points award and your monthly subscribed points have no expiry date on your account.
  8. There is no maximum number of points any Loyal Rebel Register account can accumulate.

The Bad-Ass Story of our Existence

Where did it all begin, the why then, the why now and the future of why not?

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Officially A Rebel Member Of