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Anti-Social Media Policy

Created 14th October 2022, and by creating this anti-social media policy we hope to be come more social in a more meaningful way with all of our amazing rebel supporters around the world!

Our promise and pledge is as follows;

  • We only want to use latest social media platforms and tools that allow us to communicate in a kind and safe way.   Connecting with our global customers direct from our little mill in the Scottish Highlands means everything to us.  We know that to be digitally connected with so many amazing people ensured our little brand came to life in 2017/18 and we love that this 21st century development lets things like this happen!  But if we feel for any reason any social media platform does not prioritise kindness and safety then we will rebel and walk away.
  • Being social is something we LOVE, and we will always look to do this in a meaningful, kind, safe and as personal a way as possible.
  • We will never use social media platforms that we feel are being unduly controlled by third parties and therefore impacting on how we can stay connected with our customers.
  • We want to feel confident that all of the external social media platforms that we may be active on provide their services in a clear and transparent way.  This includes more information on their commercial interests, functions and objectives.
  • We only wish to ever be present on social media platforms that take their responsibilities extremely seriously when it comes to protecting users from harm, manipulation and any form of harassment.  In the UK Molly Russell lost her life in 2017 at the age of 14, a beautiful young girl.  It was confirmed at the case inquest this year that the negative effects of online social media content played a role in this tragic case.  This clearly validates the truth in what whistleblower Frances Haugen (September-October 2021) shared, stating that Facebook tech giants often weigh the well-being of their users against profits, and the later often wins when it comes to the deployment of their algorithms.
  • We do not wish to be present on any platforms that uses all visitor data to their platform in an unpublished way.
  • We will always favour platforms that do not use digital algorithms, especially those used to target visitors on their platforms with negative, fake news or extreme points of view to boost visitor engagement, clicks, shares and commentary.
  • We will not be active on any social platforms that do not have protections in place to minimise overuse and unhealthy usage patterns.
  • The choice of social media platform we use for communicating with our customers may change over time, but we will never seek to compromise on our values and this policy. 

The Bad-Ass Story of our Existence

Where did it all begin, the why then, the why now and the future of why not?

Officially A Rebel Member Of

Officially A Rebel Member Of