Identity, inclusiveness, pride, solitude and a way of life....

Identity, inclusiveness, pride, solitude and a way of life....

Tartan has long been associated with these words, these emotions.  This has shaped Scottish history and culture and the story of what it meant to be Scottish.  It was symbolic of what and who you were prepared to stand up for.

So I ask what does that mean today, in 2020 and what will it mean in the future? 

To me, in a world that has never felt smaller in any century, it is no longer just about where you were born, or that of your ancestors with traditional 'rules' and 'restrictions'.  And sadly in some minority cases this continues to be a dividing tool even for Scotland, which we continue to rebel against I assure you.  But what does remain, is that is represents visually your pride to stand with others, support others and let them know you are by their side, you share the same values, you are equal.

This is something we will always be committed to, we will challenge with respect to support others, to see change, to create new ways of thinking.  We will continue to capture this in story telling fabrics that respect people and the planet we all rely upon.  With that we feel constantly humbled by those who also stand beside us.

As we read about the sad and cruel news of exclusiveness, inequality and disrespecting the identity of our fellow human beings around the world I feel compelled to share my respect and solitude from the Scottish Highlands to all of those feeling pain when this should never have been.


We all form part of the human fabric of our planet, every second, minute, hour and day.  The decisions and actions we take influence the design of that cloth.  We all matter and could not or should not exist without respecting all others who cross our paths, like small threads intertwined, if any are missing the cloth falls apart!

Stand by your values, identity, inclusiveness, pride and solitude....

Clare x



  • Jane

    I’ve always thought of the world as a patchwork quilt, made of different fabrics sewn together to to make a strong, beautiful whole. When a seam unravels, a patch comes undone, we can always mend the hole and make it stronger than before. Thank you so much for your kind, inclusive words during this painful time.

  • Malcolm Ferris-Lay

    Very well said. I wish you, your family and friends good health and happiness during these unprecedented times. x

  • Odet Beauvoisin

    “like small threads intertwined, if any are missing the cloth falls apart!”
    Poignantly expressed; and reinforced one action at a time.
    Love to you and your work.

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