Innovation or Destruction....

Innovation or Destruction....

Our journey started way back in 2015, which seems like a lifetime ago.  We, as a team of now 10 die hard rebels, have changed so much in that time, and the world truly did this year!

When I started, my passion was to see how I could put the Highland region of Scotland back on the tartan textiles map, it was not even to build a mill, but to work with the few mills that remained and help grow the industry for Scotland, after all tartan had to be authentic. 

But the world, and Scotland my home, was somewhat driven to find the next 'innovative' product or service.  This had to be something new, something futuristic, something that certainly was not grounded in the past, it needed some 'tech' and or some clever process that was driven by 'big data' or robotics.  Back then I did not have the confidence that I do now, I would spend many months thinking how can I be 'innovative', this is what people want....

Things started to change in 2017, when I realised my innovation was the creativity, the message, the meaning and the values woven into what I was doing and why.  From that point and before the world changed in 2020, for me, innovation as a word had become another word for destruction.  Its implied course of action and direction was harming people and the planet at an unconscious speed that was frightening.

We are so proud we did not compromise, we had to fight hard and we certainly had lots of major challenges, and to be honest I am now prepared for many more to come, and that is okay. 

So when I think back to that phrase or messages of 'people want something innovative', there is two major flaws, two words that should not be there, like a fabric with a the wrong colour of thread in a fabric, they are glaringly obvious to me now.

Want, all my childhood years my mum told me I should say I would like, and never want, so my mum had taught me all along.... I say it to my children, but never connected this to that phrase for a few years.  I feel so uplifted to see huge movements around the world, of groups, communities, and people where there is never a 'want' but they would like to help, they would like to support others who have the same values and above all integrity.

Innovation, has become 21st century destruction.  Destruction of our people and our planet in the 'want' for something....  So if someone ever says 'we want to see something innovative' or 'how is that innovative?' walk away.  Do not compromise on your values, follow your heart and never ever ever give up!

Clare x


  • Kay Atchison

    I am so impressed. Never give up has kept me going through much adversity. Bravo

  • Cricket

    I’ve been ridiculed for saving/wearing my traditional tailored jackets, slacks,skirts &sweaters from Scotland &early 70’s. Each of these garments are well made and i love them. Thanks for your contribution to quality. I wish I had the knowledge of your business when Sassenach was produced. I would love to purchase a cowl.
    Thanks, Clare job well done

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