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Ever been online shopping, come across a garment listing and wish there was more information? Had a burning question but couldn’t bare having to send it to the general email address of the brand in case it took forever to get back to you with a generic answer?

Don’t fear! Repeal It action 5 is here with our new Q&A function.  This feature is listed at the bottom of every product page on our store, just click on the ask a question button and ask away!  This can be anything, more images, more information on fabric details, shipping, literally anything because we are forever learning and we love that.

But it does not stop there, it also helps other customers too.  They can scroll through all product questions and feel even more confident about their purchase.  All of these things add to our vision where we encourage the #WearYourValues and #BuyLessLoveMore way of life.  The more informed we are the easier it is to make the right decision, which applies to pretty much everything.

Repeal It action 5 also covers product Reviews, all of which are made public on our store.  Again all of this information can be found at the bottom of each product page.  If you have something to share about the item that is now part of your life then please do feel free to post it here.  We have always been blown away about the kindest messages from our customers, either emailed or posted on social media, but we thought wow, we really need to share these!  One is we feel super proud of making loved things that will last, but it also ensures we are forever accountable for what we do in a transparent way which is so important.

We are ready for your review.... and always ready to be more!

Love Clare and the team x


  • Raeanne

    I purchased the Sassenach Scarf and even tho it is not on this website, it is made by the Prickly Thistle. I could tell the second I opened it that it was a PT made scarf. It is absolutely a fabulous color (black and grey) and goes with absolutely every single thing. It is soft, luxurious and versatile. I love it. Absolutely one of my favorites. I say that about all of them tho. Because they all are.

  • Raeanne

    I have 2 of the Coorie Slender Scarves. I have the Coorie Blush and the Coorie Caramel. I love the colors of these scarves so much. The Caramel one is the only one I’ve ever found to match a yellow coat I own. It’s perfect. They are also perfect to wear loose with jeans or a skirt and a t-shirt. Use them for belts as well. These scarves are so soft and easy to wear with everything. I have stopped using cashmere now that I’ve found the scarves of the Prickly Thistle. They are washable, enduring and they will last my lifetime and the lifetimes of my children and their childrem.

  • Raeanne

    I have the Rebel Heart Slender Scarf and it is so warm and soft for those cold Alaskan winters. I can match it to my coat or contrast it. It is beautifully made and matches all the other Rebel Heart patterned things I have. I can wrap it a few times or wear it loose, but it is very versatile. I have used it as a belt once or twice. It is also not too warm for the summer. I can pair it with my kilt, wear it loose and be very stylish wherever I’m bound. I love it.

  • Raeanne

    Bags of Style. I love the Rebel Heart pattern anyway and I love these wee bags. They are perfect for organizing my Box 14 tote bag. I have the Box bag, the Not So Wee bag and the Bigger Bag. I use the Box Bag for putting my glasses in. Sunglasses and reading glasses, along with some hand wipes and some kleenex. This is ALWAYS in my tote bag. I use the Not So Wee Bag for all my party needs. I have 4-5 flasks in it with a cup to share a dram or some wine with a friend, a corkscrew, a bottle opener and suddenly I’m the life of the party. I don’t take this with me everywhere as I am not a party animal, but when visiting with someone, I’ll toss it in the tote bag. The Bigger Bag is perfect for everything else. First aid, survival tools, make up. reusable utensils and straws, things for an unexpected overnight. Things for the children on an outing. I organize these larger bags with small make up bags that contain each cataegory. Very handy system and I don’t take this bag everywhere either, but I do take it often enough and I know that I can remove a smaller bag inside it if I don’t need the larger bag for the outing. I love these Bags of Style and I can’t say enough about them. washable and durable, they will last generations.

  • Raeanne

    I purchased the very first of only 7 Box 14 totes. I use this as my only bag now. I can put as many items as I want in it. I have organized it with Bags of Style. (more on those in another review) I can add or remove each one depending on my destination. I use it for shopping and it is a perfect size for putting my purchases in. (I use reusable bags) It is wonderfully made and a gorgeous color. I get so many compliments on that bag. It is the one thing I use every single day. I don’t have to worry I will wear it out as the workmanship is fantastic. It is so well made and it came with a wee pocket for small items that snaps on. I love this bag so much.

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