Single issue solutions....

Single issue solutions....

It's funny how for many years of your life your were 'glamoured' by the latest thing, that was cleverly marketed with that single issue solution.  It was direct marketing with a direct message because they felt the audience only understood the simple ask, simple need, the simple buy now as on discount....  And I did, but I know I cannot change the past only disrupt it by changing the future....

Did I really need that single use room fragrance diffuser that came with plastic packaging and when done went in the bin, or could I have opened my window or picked wild flowers.... and why did the company not tell me how to dispose of it, maybe get a refill, do I even know where it was made? 

Did I really need to change my living room decor every 3 years because I 'wanted' a change and because the decor was not that expensive it make is disposable?  When really I should have invested in timeless hand crafted pieces that would have outlived me and even my children.... legacy heirlooms for generations to come that all had a story to tell....

Don't get me started on masks, single use plastic masks is giving way to a new plastic pandemic.... yet we have for thousands of years had all the resources we need to survive around us in nature.  Natural fibres, anti allergens, the list is endless.  But the biggest crisis of our time in the 21st century is fought with a single use solution, no thought for what that means in the future....we may not be around to see the full affect, but we are responsible for our children's children, and their children's children.... lets spare them a thought.

Now, things have changed, I have done a full 180! and for once in my life I feel like I am making a difference, I am contributing to a difference.

The future has to be about supporting those who have put the planet and people first, not profit.  I truly believe those that champion this would never try to 'sell you' a single issue solution in a direct marketing attack....  Yes profit is essential to make your mission sustainable and invest in change, its not a figure you chase just to pay out a big fat dividend or obscene salary for company owners.

The only single issue we have right now is all those selling single issue solutions....


  • Yolande

    It all begins and ends with ourselves.

    We can essentially do our part to be an example and let that spread among all those we encounter.
    You Clare, are a marvelous and inspiring example.
    The word you spread is so sincere, filled with emotions, your knowledge, love, and hope for the generations to come, beginning now.
    The message is clear, we all must do our part to spread it, like a virus, (yeah, exactly now..) so that everyone is infected with the same passion of prevention and preservation.

    Thank you Clare for your immense heart, and commitment.
    May we all become Rebel warriors in the name of our only home.
    Yolande xx

  • Diana Sanders

    Thank you Clare. I love your commitment to quality & the environment. Your entire business approach is so refreshing. Keep up the fight . I will do all that I can to spread the word & tell people of Prickly Thistle. Thank you again for a beautiful product!

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