A Truly Social Rebellion, Just Do It!

A Truly Social Rebellion, Just Do It! - Prickly Thistle

We know that the struggle is real!

When did REELS become more important than REAL life?

When did that FOMO feeling arrive and take over our lives and make us forget about what is really important?

I was recently sitting in an airport departures lounge and looked around me for a moment and I honestly could not see one single person who wasn’t glued to their phone, not one single person – apart from me!

Let’s unwind from this FOMO and try new things – or maybe it’s return to old ways?

Here are 4 suggestion of ways to put that phone down!

  1. Stop the scroll and go for a stroll! When was the last time you walked in nature and took in everything that is around you? Feel your feet touching the ground as you walk, listen to hear what you can hear (the birdsong will get louder as you get more aware), what smells are you aware off (if you’re beside the sea can you smell the saltiness), what can you see surrounding you, what does the bark on the trees look like, are there any flowers coming into bloom, is there any movement from the wind around you. Leaving your phone in your pocket whilst you walk is both liberating and enlightening brings you into the current moment and will feed your soul
  2. Meet a friend for coffee and agree with each other that you don’t look at your phones at all during your meet up. You can even extend this and don’t look at your phone for the whole trip. Your connection with your friend will be all the better and deeper. I think we have forgotten to realise that when we are in company and we take our phone out – what we are saying is that whatever is on our phone is more important than the person that we are with! How very rude and hurtful is that?
  3. Have at least one weekend a month where you do a digital detox. From 5pm on a Friday evening to 8am on a Monday morning, no screentime – you will buy yourself so much time, energy and connections disconnecting in this way
  4. A brave move is to delete your social media apps from your phone – they will then become less accessible. You will be able to find them through your browser, however it won’t be the same ‘habit’ of clicking and scrolling automatically.

Let us know how you get on?

What will SHE say in 200 years?.....

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