We are,
Prickly Thistle

Our four pillars of purpose

It Real

By being real ourselves


inside boundaries of paradox

Activism &

using our voices & hands for change


defined by what we are not

Ethical Resume

For The Most Ethical Clothing Brand for Womxn in the World


  • Prior to 2018 – we had never woven any fabric or made any clothes before setting up the mill, brave or bonkers.... both!
  • April 2018 to March 2022 – we restored the weaving of textiles to the Highland region of Scotland, by creating a mill and saving century old equipment from being scrapped. We made mistakes, we learned more than we could ever have imagined, we made it work and we are still here.
  • April 2022 – we have used our inexperience as out greatest asset and questioned everything, to now be one of the worlds most ethical clothing brands for womxn!

  • The School of Life – using our personal experiences as a collective team, we have passed the classes on passion, purpose, critical-thinking and integrity.  Through hard work and determination, we have gained disruptive distinctions in all.
  • The Global Academy – during our 4-year chapter we have embraced and forever been humbled by the global teachers that are our customers, our community. Providing us with a masters in inclusive global citizenship.  We LOVE you all!

Skills & Personal Qualities
  • We developed our own four pillars of purpose, Keeping It Real, Inclusive Creativity, Sustainable Integrity and Activism & Action.  Sharing with all the issues and actions we have taken in their building, we didn't just think the words sounded good if you get our drift....
  • First B Corp textiles mill and clothing manufacturer in Scotland and the UK.
  • We only weave fabric from 100% natural fibres, wool sourced ethically through Scottish spinners and dyers. Over 60% of all textiles used in clothing are made from oil synthetics, we want to see that become 0% in the future, wearing oil is not cool
  • We have a dedicated section on our website to our Supply Chain
  • We make all our clothing at our mill from the fabric we weave, carbon mile free
  • We make clothes for women that are wash free. We established a ‘No Wash Club’ guide for all wool clothes, saving 25% of garment carbon generated by machine washing, saving money for customers on energy and detergents, saving time for them and time to save the planet
  • All our clothing comes with a Price Transparency policy, detailing all the costs to make each piece and information on how we do it. In addition to this we share more about mark-up principals and how we compare to industry standards.
  • All our clothing comes with a Cost Per Wear guide, demonstrating that loved clothes save you money
  • All our clothing comes with flexible payment plans that do not encourage our customers to put themselves at financial risk
  • We are an accredited Scottish National Living Wage Employer
  • Our mill operates solely with green energy sourced via wind and water renewable sources in the Scottish Highlands
  • To actively reduce consumption and waste our core 4 X A Collection is only available to pre-order via the 4 X A Year Club. Encouraging considered purchases and breaking down impulse spends.
  • All our clothes are made with no fabric waste, typically 25% of all fabrics used in the fashion industry get cut when following ill-fitting patterns and binned before anything is sewn
  • All our clothes can be completely recycled when beyond reuse and repair, the fabric is 100% wool which means it will also naturally decompose. Our leather straps can be removed easily and will also decompose, and our buckles can be used again. Only 1% of all clothing is recycled worldwide, this means that 99% of clothes will eventually end up in landfill, we need that statistic to be reversed as quick as possible
  • We do not use zips or buttons because not only are they troublesome for recycling, but they limit the size range of clothes. We only ever use a strap and buckle, this way all our adjustable clothes have a size range of 3 inches built in!
  • We want to help encourage reuse as much as possible, we have our Repeal-It Marketplace and have our own Anti-Landfill Label Initiative
  • By making clothes from fabric squares and rectangles only, anyone can deconstruct our garments and have super usable pieces of wool fabric.
  • Within our Kick Ass Kilt pillar of your wardrobe not only do you get a kick ass kilt, but you get a cape and a dress or top item too. That’s 3 uses in one with multi-sizing and no waste, yes, it’s really that awesome!
  • All our coats and jackets can be worn two ways, just flip it and you have a shorter version, even our add-on pockets and strap closures work both ways, genius right
  • In October 2022 we unplugged from social media platforms and we started our sh#t free social rebellion! Read all about the why and maybe even join our new sh#t free ways....

Let's together always be raising the fabric of rebellion wherever we go…

The Bad-Ass Story of our Existence

Where did it all begin, the why then, the why now and the future of why not?

Officially A Rebel Member Of

Officially A Rebel Member Of