Rebel Row Experience Voucher

Rebel Row Experience Voucher

Tartan, NOT just a traditional cloth, NOT just a gents kilt and NOT a runway stunt look that has been made no where near the Highlands of Scotland

We have most exciting experiences in store for you at our new Rebel Row home in the Highland capital.  Tartan, has a massive story and an equally massive stereotype attached to it....  but we are here to change that....

So join us at our first ever permanent flagship store in the Highland capital, Inverness for some serious fun.  We have two play vouchers that would make for the perfect gift for you or someone special you know who is hitting the Highlands for some authentic time out from a mad world.  Or maybe you live close by? and have always wondered what the heck we do at that mill...... well we are here for you too.  Maybe us Highland women can show how the Clan system and literally only ever seeing men in kilts is due a major make over....

The packages are:

£50 - One hour private booking with Clare at our Inverness "Rebel Row" store.  Drinks and nibbles are on hand to keep up your energy for a work out!  Clare can help you with styling, sizing, vintage finds, upcycling, how to repair or re-imagine garments, share our secrets on how we make our designs and literally anything tartan!  This is your private ask Clare anything session when it comes to how we can all wear our values, feel bad-ass and look pretty damn good at the same time.

£200 - In addition to the experience of the £50 voucher, you will also get a £175 voucher to spend in store plus 

Please ensure that you contact us to arrange your preferred slot with us.  We will do our very best to make sure that the store is made exclusively for you for your 1 hour booking.  Within 14 days of ordering your voucher we will email you to ask if you have any dates/preferences in mind.  But don't panic if you don't have a date in mind you can reach out to us later in the year.  All vouchers come with a 12 month expiry.


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