Alan & Miriam Make "Aliam"

Alan & Miriam Make "Aliam" - Prickly Thistle

It was summer 2021, which seems like a lifetime ago.... but the story of the Aliam tartan was born that summer and already feels like a century old legacy!

We were thrilled and beyond excited to be selected as one of the local businesses for Alan Cumming and Miriam Margolyes to visit during their "Lost in Scotland" travelogue.

Over the last few years we have had so many requests to buy a piece of Aliam tartan and we thought it would be useful to add to our diaries this little entry.

The Aliam tartan was created as a complete surprise gift for Miriam by Alan.  He did this all in secret, sharing little stories about them both to inspire the colours and the thread count of the design.  Only one run of Aliam tartan has ever been woven and the only people on the planet who have a piece are Alan and Miriam!

We have loved how much love there has been shown for their tartan and of course for them, but as it stands this tartan remains as elusive as Alan and Miriam....

We hope you enjoyed watching the episode which featured their time at the mill, which you can watch here, and we also hope you hanging around on our website too.  Rebels stick together!

Love Clare x


  • Lucy Spark

    Hey fellow Prickly Thistle Rebels. Alan & Miriam’s “Lost Scotland” aired here in Australia approx. 3 weeks ago. Within 24hrs of watching said episode I purchased a few items of clothing, firstly because I adore Scotland, secondly Prickly Thistle stands for everything I do & the clothing is truly gorgeous & unique. Last but by no means least I adore Alan Cumming, I last saw him in 2021 and plan to see him again this year. Love the “Alium” tartan. #PricklyThistleRebelLoveAliumTartan

  • Nic MAC

    Watching the episode with Alan and Miriam just now.
    I love the tartan!

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