Are you ready to be "Not Fashionable"?

Are you ready to be "Not Fashionable"?

We have a solution!

Whenever you hear yourself or someone say "Oh I have no fashion sense!" or "Is this fashionable anymore?" STOP right there.....

The moment you try to be fashionable you are guaranteed to not be in fashion.  Therefore the solution is to never ever following "fashion" or the latest trend.  After all what could be more sustainable than wearing the same clothes over, over, over and over again!  Save the planet, save your wallet and save all of the decision fatigue over what to wear....

Personally I love this quote from Oscar Wilde, "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every 6 months", right on Oscar!  Let's ditch fashion, fall in love with fabrics and feel the freedom of being the creator of your own style.

Here at Prickly over the last 5+ years we have always felt an expectation to be a "fashion brand", but never really felt comfortable with that phrase.  Now that we have been their, not got the t-shirt, we have come to realise less is more and our founding instincts are where we need to be.

For 2024, we are all about freedom, fun and lets f*ing do it.... Our new core collection will never change, built to last and built to be forever beautiful!


Clare and the team x




    Your fabrics, fashions and originality are inspiring.

  • Cecile Rouzet

    Can’t wait ! Wishing to the team to be accomplished and successful

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