B The Change in 2022 and Beyond!

B The Change in 2022 and Beyond! - Prickly Thistle

For far too long now, business has been built off the backs of the many to benefit the few. Some may think this is how it’s always been, but business as a practice was in fact founded on democracy. At its origin, the people were powerful stakeholders instead of passive ‘consumers’ in a perpetuated state of distraction. It was only in the 70s that the dramatic shift happened which prioritised profit increase over everything else and developed to the detriment of worker prosperity.

The B-corp movement is working tirelessly to change this, or should we say restore it to its roots! They run an official verification initiative recognised around the globe. How do they do it? By laying out a detailed criteria which businesses need to meet in order to be certified. It’s comprehensive and holistic - measuring a company’s impact on workers, community, customers and environment so that we can be confident certified ‘B’ Corporations truly give as much consideration to their ethical impact as they do to financial returns. It also involves measuring transparency with the public and legal accountability for their commitments. It’s a framework and ethos that relates directly to our Prickly saying – “We sell to exist, but we do not exist to sell.”

We love B-Corp because they recognise the link between people and planet, because we cannot have environmental rejuvenation without taking care of humans too! They ensure employers understand the need to pay people enough to thrive, instead of to merely survive, and respect their right to do a job with dignity and purpose.

As well as paying above the National Living Wage, for us this looks like enabling folk to connect with themselves, their culture, their community, and the natural environment through craft, and be able to do this work knowing they’re contributing to a greater cause. There shouldn’t be any mutual exclusivity between professional endeavours and personal values – that is, to make a living without feeling concerned about damage to others.  This is the kind of harmonious and caring working world that B-Corp is striving to make a reality, not just for a lucky few but for EVERYONE, because it shouldn’t be exceptional… it should be the default if we’re ever going to alleviate the climate disaster.

It’s been a long road to finally get this certification. We began in 2019 and completed our application in the same year, however sadly the Covid-19 pandemic hit which delayed receiving our official status until… now! In Scotland we have a saying ‘What’s for ye, won’t go by ye’…it’s been a long, winding road but och what a brilliant Christmas present it turned out to be.

Or should we say… B

With love, always

Clare & a very happy team


P.S Check it out here 

P.P.S This achievement has allowed us some important moments of reflection. Watch this space, 2022 will be a fresh take. You shall see over the next couple of months...

P.P.P. S If you would like to learn more about the origins of business, listen here to a very insightful podcast episode with Maxine Bedat

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