COP27 24 Hours In....

COP27 24 Hours In.... - Prickly Thistle

So we are 24 hours into the Conference of Parties number 27....

How do we feel about it?  How do you feel about it?

The most important thing is let's stay positive, remember our OFGT at time, easy, fun and feel amazing!

UN Chief Mr. Guterres certainly kicked things off in true rebel style, co-operate or perish were his words.  So while these folks work out how to think of others over themselves and work together let the will of the people just get the job done.

It's sad this is one the big motivation or game changing action but its all about power or to be blunt the money!  Who do we give our money/power too, what are we giving them the money for and how do they decide how that wealth is distributed.  Do they pay fair wages, do they actively find/regenerate and support ethical supply chains, do they do anything for communities, education and do they challenge governments?

This covers all the businesses we give money be it a coffee, our next toothbrush, that little thank you gift we wanted to give someone, our energy provider, it really is everything.  One by one we can switch who we give the power too, from the really small stuff to the once in a lifetime investments.

One line that really resonated with us from Mr. Guterres was when he talked about very soon our world population will see the 8 billionth member born into the family;

“How will we answer when ‘Baby 8 Billion’ is old enough to ask:  What did you do for our world – and for our planet – when you had the chance?”.

We have a chance, lets grab it, use it, spread it and celebrate it!  Don't beat yourself up when you think drat I really need (not want) this item right now and I am not sure if it is the most ethical.  We all find ourselves in those situations, but the fact that you are thinking about it is MASSIVE and we have started the journey of the OFGT at a time!

Listen to our podcast for more thoughts on being positive while trying to be a realist at the same time (which is not being a doom and gloomer despite what others might say....)  The full episode is HERE and yes we did say we think right now the COP gatherings are a waste of time, unless they do that one thing we talked about....

Also remember we are doing our bit to help channel funds to great causes during COP27, check out the #ClimateStripes tartan project HERE which could be our most historic tartan yet!

What will SHE say in 200 years....

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