Face It – No Health on a Dead Planet

Face It – No Health on a Dead Planet - Prickly Thistle

Our ‘Mask of Integrity’ is a facemask made from 100% natural wool fibers, designed to tailor the best possible fit for the wearer and a zero-waste design from start to finish. Concerned about the lack of regulation regarding facemasks, we took the steps to have both our woven fabric and our design tested to medical standards by The Institute of Occupational Medicine in Edinburgh. They were impressed by the performance of the natural wool fibers, as well as the benefits of positioning, alteration options and increased comfort.

We worked closely with Zero Waste Scotland on this project, after being awarded their Circular Economy Investment Fund. The reason being that the health of people and the planet are not mutually exclusive. We cannot isolate human well-being as a problem to solve, whilst making the problems of environmental damage severely worse in the process…. Yet this is exactly what society is doing with all these plastic facemasks. Millions of them are thrown away each day and unlike a lot of the stuff we discard, we can see it with our own eyes. They are clogging up water bodies and littering the ground everywhere we go… and we all know these synthetic things will not biodegrade. Furthermore, plastic masks are not as great for human health as they appear on the surface. We hate to think of the impacts on the body from breathing in plastic particles.

Why intensify the plastic pandemic on top of a health one? We cannot and will not sit by and watch this happen so have collaborated further with ZWS through their ‘Face It’ campaign to create this video. It highlights our concerns and explains why the ethos of the MOI is a solution for BOTH public and planetary health.

Developing the MOI has never been about making money – profiting off the pandemic makes us deeply uncomfortable. That’s why we gave away over 1000 free masks to people across the UK. All we ever wanted was to ensure accessibility to a high quality, locally produced mask to people from all financial situations – that WON’T cause harm in the pursuit of protection. The public need to know what their choices mean now and for tomorrow, and that the Covid-19 pandemic is no excuse to kill our natural home.

Love Clare and the Team


As a circular solution to the disposable mask crisis, we have a MOI subscription service - every 3 or 6 months customers receive 2 replacement masks and a free return delivery label to post their current ones back to us to be 100% recycled. Find out more here.

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