Garment Patterns - A Waste of Time....

Garment Patterns - A Waste of Time.... - Prickly Thistle

When we thought about Zero Waste clothing we really mean Zero Waste, ie no fabric waste. It's not only about the fabrics we make or the fabrics you use for your clothing. We really wanted to eliminate the 25% of fabric that ends up on the cutting room floor, this is industry norm and has been accepted for decades by the clothing industry.

Prickly garments are all made up from either rectangles, squares or triangles. Not one piece of fabric ends up on the cut room floor. Every garment is made up of these shapes and we don't say we design them, we problem solve until we have the right shape or look that we are going for that we know you will love and appreciate. Have a listen to Mary from our meet the maker podcast who explains this in detail how our garments are made.

When we problem solved our trousers it took 2 years to work out how to make trousers without curves cut into the fabric, it was an epic day when we achieved this and not only do they work but they also look and feel amazing - straight leg trousers . Straight leg trousers with an awesome zero waste twist!  We could not be prouder of this design, with no fabric waste and curved crotches being cut away, we have achieved the impossible so you can feel like nothing is impossible when you wear them.

Our Rebel garments will not only last for the longest time but when and if you feel it's past it's best you can dismantle and will be left with re-usable pieces of beautiful fabric that can be made into something else exciting.

Every Garment from Prickly Thistle is a true Zero Waste Garment, from the fabrics we weave, to the cut of the garment to ensuring it can be forever circular.  Not to mention at the very very end, your wool clothes can be buried in the ground, over time the proteins that make up the wool fibres will then become nourishing food for mother earth once again!

What will SHE say in 200 years....

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