No Wash Club: Meaningful things to do with that extra time!

No Wash Club: Meaningful things to do with that extra time! - Prickly Thistle

Have you heard of our No Wash Club? Shhhhh…. We’re not supposed to be talking about it…. But heck WE ARE because it’s bloody important, and fascinating too – and this isn’t a Hollywood film, it’s real-life baby!

Basically, wool is such a powerhouse fibre that it doesn’t need to be washed. All that’s required is a space of fresh air and nature does the rest! It’s all in mother nature’s design because the fibre make-up means it’s already very protected from stains, dirt, bacteria and wearing down from the elements. It’s how sheep are so great at enduring various (and gruelling) environments around the world. Find out all the juicy facts on our No Wash Club page, and about natural fibres in general here.

No washing means saving money, saving energy, saving the planet and… SAVING TIME! Now our ancestors would be very happy to see us enjoying ourselves consciously, so here’s some suggestions of what we would do with that time saved:

  1. Learn something! Watch an insightful documentary, listen to an informative podcast or dive into a juicy book. Nurturing our minds is the goal. We recommend making it clothing-related (surprise aha) – here’s a recommendation
  2. Do a craft-related activity! This is a fab way to spend time away from the digital world and zone out the mind from the worries of life. You also end up with something lovely and a beautiful sense of accomplishment. How about getting out that bit of clothing from your wardrobe and fixing the button back on, or darning a rip! There's so many helpful youtube tutorials out there now that can direct you every step of the way
  3. Cook some good food! Life is busy yep, we get it… with all the jobs we have go do it can feel hard to maintain nourishing meals. Well, with that time saved from ditching the washing, why not have some me-time in the kitchen and make it fun instead of a chore… and enjoy the results!


Clare and the Team


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