Our Label Law #2: Wear Your Values, Not a Brand

Our Label Law #2: Wear Your Values, Not a Brand - Prickly Thistle

Ever wondered why we don’t have our logo splashed across our garments?

It’s because tartan never needed a label or ‘brand identity’. These are modern inventions. It’s always spoken for itself, defined by people and location, and we are the same. We feel so proud of what we do because we trust it's the real deal. We have a small label in our garments woven from recycled materials, but otherwise that’s it! Even in decades time if Prickly pieces start appearing in second-hand markets, they will always be traceable. We leave a trail of everything we create as we keep a digital archive of every single Prickly product on our website. We are identifiable to others regardless of where we put our logo… so really our fabrics are our identity!

When you take a moment to think, the psychology behind visible branding is rather saddening. Historically clothing has been mostly about functionality, but we’ve always had an emotional relationship with it too… it’s how the garments make you feel. Yet fashion branding today has hijacked this relationship and manipulated it – now operating within late-capitalist consumer culture where the experience of a product is more important than its qualities. It is our association with a brand that drives demand more than anything else.

And sadly those associations are not linked to ethical responsibility or eco-consciousness. Instead, they’re linked to sheer popularity, which is fuelled by proximity to exclusivity, wealth and power (thank you A list celebrity ‘influencers’…)

Think of a plain t-shirt. On it’s own people wouldn’t expect to pay much for one, but as soon as a logo is slapped on the price will boom. No matter what fibres it is made from or who/where. The value which people are willing to pay for is the social status and acceptance that comes with that logo.

Truth be told we want no part in this toxic social dynamic. We actively want to reveal its true colours and show people that it really is. not. worth. it.

Having a sense of belonging is a basic human need, not something to be exploited for profit. This is why promoting sustainability is so difficult and why there is such a big gap between attitude and behaviour when it comes to sustainable fashion. Because that sense of belonging and social acceptance overpowers awareness of our collective suicide on this planet via climate change.

It is a shame because also, small brands really do need your help with their advertising. Big brands absolutely do not. Let’s stop making it easier for them!

Love Clare and the team


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