Repeal It - A Pass it on Marketplace

Repeal It - A Pass it on Marketplace - Prickly Thistle

When thinking about our ‘Repeal It’ campaign, we wanted to publicly address our responsibility as a maker to ensure that what we put out into the world gets maximum use and love. We wanted to come up with something that further solidified our commitment to our products; something that showed how much we consider the life of fabric items after they leave our mill, in a way that brands operating in fast fashion culture rarely do. Something that would enable us to be more involved in this part of the product lifecycle and allow us to take responsibility for our products.

Cue action point 1…our ‘Repeal It Marketplace’!

On this day we are launching a new section on our website where our customers can become vendors of Prickly items that they are no longer using and rehome them, either for free or for a fair price.

We hope this is going to have multiple benefits such as connecting the existing Prickly Thistle community, creating better accessibility to sustainable creations for those with less income, and promoting #buylesslovemore through the buying/selling/swapping of pre-loved Prickly!
Really wanting to buy something from us but got a lot of Prickly in your wardrobe already?

Got a Prickly item that you don’t really wear anymore and would like to see go to a new home?

Do you really want to own a piece of authentic Made in the Scottish Highlands fashion but maybe can’t afford it right now at full-price?
Well, the Repeal It Marketplace will be the answer!

All of the information for how this is going to work is included in the Marketplace’s FAQs and you can view the Marketplace Collection thriving as we see Prickly pieces being passed on.  We commit to helping our customers pass on their pieces of Prickly for a fair value of their choice.  On sale they can opt for a gift voucher in our store, donate the sale proceeds to charity or we will send you what is paid by the new custodian of your prickly piece direct to you.  We hope to keep building on this concept and service as we go along, so since you guys inspire us, comment below if you have any ideas!

Love Clare and the team

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