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Repeal It - Invest & Curate with Confidence - Prickly Thistle

In the era of online shopping that we find ourselves in, the experience of finding the right thing can be a tricky one full of obstacles: Will that fit me?.... och I’ll order both sizes and see. What does that fabric feel like? Hmmm can’t tell so now I don’t know what I want… maybe I’ll order a few and pick the one I like best… I can always return the others….what harm will it do….

Something which really concerns me is the shopping habit of buying a huge range of stuff online, knowing that half of it will likely be returned. The carbon damage of this kind of buying is really quite harrowing, so we have been thinking about how we can improve the experience of our online shop, to really make sure that customers feel confident about their choices.

Cue Repeal It action 5… Personalised Shopping with Prickly!

Located on the homepage of our shop, this handy wee personal shopper is here for 3 different areas that you might need help with. You can shop by…

COLOUR – All of our tartans have been categorised into fun colourways to suit different tastes and personalities! Are you ‘Bright and Bold’… or maybe ‘Brown and Earthy Tones’ perhaps? Once you have found your dream palette, it will then take you to one place that displays every product we have in those tartans

FABRIC TYPE – Trying to understand the qualities of a cloth can be a huge challenge through a screen, can’t wait for the day we can reach through the screen and have a feel! Our Prickly personal shopper has done the next best thing though, as all our products have been categorised by the weight and weave. Light and airy? Or are you looking for thick? We hope this will give you a better insight and positively inform your decision making!

PRODUCT – Got a general idea of what you are looking for but not 100% sure? This is where our shopper can help as we have categorised our entire shop by product purpose such as ‘something for the home’ or ‘something for a special person’

It is super fun to navigate this portal with our personal shopper, and by introducing this we are aiming to ensure that everyone is totally thrilled with their choices, they have the RIGHT product and ultimately… buy less love MORE.

Give them ago and let us know how you found the experience either in the comments here or through email. We would love to know what you think and if there’s any points to improve!  First up is our Shop By Colour....

Love Clare and the team


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  • Michele Phelan

    What can’t I say about Prickly Thistle. I now have 5 pieces; a scarf, coat, kilt and two Sassenach pieces. The quality is remarkable. I will wait until we visit Scotland before I add another piece. In the meantime I can’t wait for the cooler weather so I can “show the off”. Onto the shopping experience …Claire is more than accommodating and now Jenny is helping she as well is a pleasure. I truly feel as though I’m shopping at my local store not on-line more than a thousand miles away. I love the idea that the items I’ve purchased are made to last and released me from being a slave to big box department stores
    Well done Prickly Thistle!

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