Sam Heughan The Sassenach

Sam Heughan The Sassenach - Prickly Thistle

We have never written a diary entry about the amazing project that we were invited to be part of by Sam, and that was to create his very own "Sassenach" tartan.

The prime reason we have never done this is because we never wanted to be that brand or person that constantly tagged, shared behind the scenes pictures or shared secrets.  People with such influence and interest in them very rarely get to have things life private, for us that was SO important.

His support in the very begining without doubt got us going, and yes he played a massive role in restoring the weaving of rebel tartan to the Highland region.  We will forever honour and be grateful to him for that.  But just like he invited us on to his stage for that one show, we know how important it is to also show that we are worthy in our own right to come back to maybe his show or even others.  He believed in the project and gave us our break!

Now you might be thinking why a diary entry now....

Well since we set up our own website in January 2020, we know we have many many visitors looking for Sam's tartan!  Searching for things like, Outlander, Sam Heughan, Sassenach Tartan and First Love.  For all those searching then I hope you find this page and you can also find a few remaining items here on his own website and we hope you will enjoy hanging out on our website too!

So this diary entry does not share any secrets or personal photos, its just our little way of saying we respect Sam for his kindness and we hope the whole world can see how we are paying that forward.  From charity fundraisers, to working with schools, to challenging government and fighting to save the fabric of the planet!  We are what we wear.... and do we know what that says....

Love, Clare x


  • Melisa Hading

    Where can I purchase The Sassenach – First Love tartan clothes created by Sam Heughan? Thank you!

  • Manuela

    Is it possible to buy “The Sassenach – first love” tartan clothing designed by Sam Heughan?
    Thank you

  • Deborah Eiben

    Where can I purchase Sam’s tartan? Does your shop offer any items?

  • Gabriella

    How do I get either of sams tartans?

  • Suzanne Perrett

    Love the First Love Sassenach tartan colours – might there be items available in the future? Hope so!

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