The Rebel Child in us ALL!

I think we can all agree that a 70th birthday is certainly a significant one, and we are delighted to be able to make this one super special for Scotland's loveable comic rebel, Dennis.  On the 17th March, his very own tartan collection is launched to mark the date he first appeared on the Beano comic front cover.

Dennis is like tartan in a lot of ways: He is a cultural icon for Scotland, he is historic yet timeless, he is relatable in many ways to many people and most of all…. he is a rebel. Oh what a menacing match made in heaven!

At Prickly Thistle we are always celebrating Scotland’s creativity, from our multi-skilled team to our local artisan makers and suppliers. In fact, recognising and elevating the magical minds and hands of our people is at the heart of what we do. That is why we were ecstatic to welcome our country’s beloved Dennis to the Prickly Thistle community, through turning his red and black stripes into a bold menace tartan that proudly embodies this iconic comic strip – the first of its kind in the world! Moreover, we are proud that this tartan has been woven with Scotland’s natural products so, like Dennis, this creation is truly representative of the Made in Scotland identity.

If you grew up in Scotland, then it is highly likely that Dennis had a presence in your childhood. With this in mind, we thought it was the right time to include childrenswear in this collection – which is a first for Prickly Thistle. Now Dennis can not only entertain our wee ones by drawing them into his world of fun and mischief, but his spirit can be worn by them too!

Grown Ups do not despair though, our ethically conscious collection also includes adult-sized jumpers, scarves and braces/dog leads.

Now the challenge is to see if you can wear one of the tartan jumpers for 70 years.... #BeLikeDennis

Clare x

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  • Marie Elaina Wilke

    I have purchased several of Sam Heughan’s blanket /Tartan scarves the one with the red stripe… I buy them for myself & family & friends as elegant gifts! I just wanted to tell how much I appreciate your good quality, beautiful Tartans. A one of a kind gift 🎁!! Thank you

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