Weebox Collab: Supporting Scotland's Businesses With a Wee Bit of Heritage In The Post

Weebox Collab: Supporting Scotland's Businesses With a Wee Bit of Heritage In The Post - Prickly Thistle

Our whole team here at the mill have been working away in a production line for the last wee while. The reason? To construct tartan corsages for the award-winning subscription delivery service, and fellow Scottish trailblazer brand, Weebox!

Every month they put together a cracking wee box of items selected to bring the heart of Scotland to those around the World who need it. The theme for October’s box is ‘Heritage’, to help transport receivers back to the land of their ancestry… and it’s going to contain a piece of Prickly!

A few years ago, our Clare met Weebox founder Amy at a ‘Burns Bash’ with the wonderful Sam Heughan in LA… and the rest is history! Now we have continued the journey through a dynamic collaboration to weave the WeeBox story into the fabric of Scotland. It began with a range of tartan designs that were put to the WeeBox Clan followers to vote for their favourite. Now the winner has been woven into a glorious cloth and hand-crafted by our team into corsages.

Having fostered their very own Weebox community clan, this tartan design is made up of colours to represent Scotland. The splash of green translates the freshness and vibrancy of the land and the purple captures the flora of heather and thistles – the lighter shade comes from the colour we often see bridging the gap between the skyline and the ground. The presence of purple also represents another layer of personal meaning to Amy; it’s her favourite colour and relates to the purple bedroom her grandmother had when she was growing up, that she remembers emitting a distinct glow.

The thread counts used within this design represent WeeBox’s founding year of 2016, with 216 purple threads as the base of the design and 20 threads in green at the centre pivot, to represent the year the tartan was designed.

We are proud to be working with WeeBox as they do so much to support Scotland’s small businesses, by sharing their products with the world. Their values are pride, surprise and a ‘wee grin’… we are confident our tartan will prompt all three when these boxes are opened around globe in October.

That’s the magic of Made in Scotland

Love The Prickly ‘Production Line’ Team (giving our fingers a well-deserved rest)



  • Jayne A Seboe

    I love the Weebox tartan!! OMG is should be named Jayne Tartan cause purple is my favorite color too. Is it available to purchase? Thank you in advance!

  • Sabrina Ricks

    Thank you for your diligent efforts to bring a sense of belonging to so many. I know I speak for those whose roots run deep in the Scottish soul and soil. I know that I for one cannot come home just yet, but WeeBoxLass does everything in her power to make me feel a sense of belonging already. I cannot wait to purchase the items you’ve prepared for us to match our corsage brooches! Happy Hogmanay is definitely on the horizon!! I’ve selected items from your shop that I don’t think I can live without!! Several are out of stock. Here’s to hoping they can be made available once more. Much love and well wishes to you all for the rest of the year! Sabrina & Brigid, my daughter.

  • Kat Royal

    I absolutely love this and cannot wait to see what is available to the Weebox clan!

  • Heather

    I love this new tartan and cannot wait to own a piece for myself.

  • Cynthia Krumme

    The tartan is lovely. The Wee Box never disappoints. I am pleased you are teaming up. Best wishes.

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