What brands are truly promoting....

What brands are truly promoting....

Well it has been a year of massive change in so many ways for everyone!  I wanted to write a few notes about the use of the word 'sustainable' and what greenwashing is all about....

2020 and 2021 has proven to be an extremely worrying and emotional start to a decade.  But one silver lining is that many have now had the chance to stop, slow down and think about the bigger picture.  Never have we been more aware of being one global community, how our actions truly affect others.  This has indeed created the biggest wave of consciousnesses.

But in the fashion and fabric world, which if you did not know. was and still remains one of the biggest contributing sectors to modern slavery, ethical compromises, environmental damage and mental health pressures (to look at certain way....)  BUT many brands now abuse the word as a token gesture in their marketing so that you still fund the same flaws....

Transparency is key, so please do ask questions of us and any brand out there that you might be funding, my top 6 questions would always be;

  • Show me your supply chain in a public space, ie website and on social media
  • Tell me about your living wage commitments to the people who work for you
  • Show me your environmental policy in a public space, ie website and on social media
  • How many units of each product do you produce, because often mass manufactured items are created to pressurise your suppliers to produce at cheaper rates and then you sell half of them at a discount.  Being disloyal to those customers who purchase the item during a non sale period
  • How many times do your products move from warehouse to warehouse before being in the home of a customer, as the carbon mileage of moving multiple times and not direct from manufacturer makes no sense?
  • When I am finished with your item can it be recycled, reused, repurposed without harming the environment?

I just would love people to think a little bit before the reach out for their card, what are you funding ultimately and do you care?

Much of the toxic fashion and fabric world is seeing the word 'sustainable' as a trend....  and we all know that trends by definition have a short shelf life.  Sustainable on the other hand has not end, its best practice for you and everyone else.

My last words are, just be aware, all is not what it seems and if you cannot find the answers or they will not provide them, that's your answer.  Put your card away and maybe support a brand or business that is actually right on your doorstep....

Clare x


  • Jo

    Thamkyou. It made me stop and think. As I approach retirement I no longer need “professional” clothes. I will need warmer ones so the 10 ply aran jumper I am currently knitting will certainly come in handy. Some of my favourite clothes are 10 -20 years old and never went out of fashion because they were never really in fashion. ( classics???) But old clothes can look so great with a new scarf or cowl etc. So I will buy less but of truly sustainable and plastic free pedigree…and hopefully Fortress Australia will let me out before I am too old to come for a visit!

  • Jane E Dougherty

    Well Clare — my father had two suits for special occasions. They were both very well made of wonderful materials and he had them for 25 years. His shoes, also, lasted decades. I have a few sweaters and coats I’ve had for years. I remember a Chesterfield wool coat I wore through teens to early 20’s. You rock and keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Gail A Talbot

    This is well written and has provoked deep thought into how I buy my families clothing. Thank you Clare.

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