Stitch N Bitch Rebel Bootcamp's

    NEW for 2023 we are going all out with a 21st Century revival!

    Started in the 1940's, groups of women got together to create social knitting clubs.  These evolved into something so much more!  Not only did they love sharing their get sh#t done skills they formed social movements for so much.  These women shared the same expressions of resistance to major political, social and technological change in Western societies.

    Ring any bells????

    With all that we have learned both in making and making sh#t happen we are embarking on a whole new adventure.  Inviting all from around the world to join us to disrupt the 'fashion' world, because we don't like being told what to wear and we definitely don't like how most of its made, its impact on people and the planet.

    Are you ready to repair the fabric of the world and society one stich and one bitch at a time....

    For the month of February we will be running FREE taster workshops at our mill, then watch this space for the official live line-up of dates, locations and more!

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