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We like to think repairs can be like a badge of honour, because often repairs come from well loved clothes being worn a lot!  Certainly at Prickly we are now even comparing hole sizes in our pre Prickly clothes to see who has the biggest.... Despite having sewing machines right beside us, we kinda like how our clothes are telling stories of adventure.

The two most common repairs SOS's calls....

Dammit! I’ve snagged a thread, what do I do?

It can be worrying when this happens but don’t worry! Think of this like a pair of curtains - the snagged area will look like they do when they’re open and all bunched up at the sides of the window. The solution is like closing them for a peaceful night’s sleep! Stretch the fabric to get a good view of the area and smooth out the bunches - massaging the area until the pulled thread goes back into place. If the issue still persists, get yourself a tool like a needle and work it back in that way.

I think I have a hole, yikes!

At times it's really difficult to avoid, even with cautious wear.  But holes are not the end of the world for any garment.  To repair a hole on any woven wool fabrics you have a couple of options.

  1. Invisible Mend - by using thread in a colour as close as possible (or if you can, woollen yarns) to the garment you can from the inside, by hand, use a darning needle to delicately follow the damaged lines of the woven fabric.  We know it may not look completely invisible to you, but a repair like this will be hard to spot by others.
  2. Decorative Stitch Mend - you could embrace the holes existence with this one, by using contrasting threads or yarns to stitch back together.  You can also have fun with it and go a bit messy, overlapping stitches of varying length and embrace a bit of rebel style.
  3. Patch Play - by upcycling fabrics from your wardrobe you may have some create options for an instant patch repair.  However if you would like to reach out to us for a patch of fabric then please do.  If you are okay to cover shipping we will send the fabric first aid straight away!

We are all for the reuse and repair way of life, so if you have any questions around this that you think we could help with, then give us a shout any time.

The Bad-Ass Story of our Existence

Where did it all begin, the why then, the why now and the future of why not?

Officially A Rebel Member Of

Officially A Rebel Member Of