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The Rebel Referral Club

What is the Rebel Referral Club?

It is were rebellion meets collaboration, and where we are super excited to extend an enthusiastic invitation to you/your team to become a rebel referrer and join us in weaving a tapestry of connections in the heart of the Highlands!

About Us

Prickly Thistle stands as a sole local mill in the mainland Highlands, specializing in the craftsmanship of weaving purely wool fabrics, including tartans.  But we go way beyond this, we take pride in designing and making truly zero fabric waste clothing, all crafted within the walls of our mill in Evanton.  Now, we have our very first flagship store in the centre of Inverness, Rebel Row has arrived....

What are the bad-ass Referral Perks?

We are believers of a reciprocal society, where independent businesses can join hands and create a network that thrives on mutual support.  A huge part of that is being transparent, kind and having fun all the way.... Showcasing our Highland home as the place to be, to live here and to visit, we can all be one big happy family!

The Perks Nitty Gritty....

  • The RR Map, (step aside AA haha) your business will be showcased on our website's Rebel Referral map and prominently displayed in the Rebel Row store map also.  Because its true, what goes around, comes around, and there is nothing more cool than word of mouth.
  • RR Member Number - when you sign up on the form below, you will receive a unique membership number allocated to your business and emailed to you, this will make sure all sales generated from your referrals will benefit you. This make take one or two days, we are a little team at the mill and we all job hop at times.  If you need this quickly then just email us on shop@pricklythistlescotland.com.
  • Once signed up it is as simple as telling your clients about Rebel Row and to pop in and see us, mention your business name and they will receive a free gift with any purchase as a token of our appreciation.
  • 5% Vouchers For You - we want to say thank you for your referrals every single time, we will allocate you vouchers equal to 5% of referral order total and place them on account for you.
  • Team In Store Discount, also we want to extend a further thank you to you for supporting us, and as a Rebel Referrer we can give you a 10% discount in store.  To claim this all we require is a quick view of your confirmation email from us when you signed up.  These sales do not generate 5% vouchers as noted above.
  • Flexible Redemption, you can email us to collect your vouchers anytime, and we can email them to you or any nominated email.  We will also email you every 3 months with your total voucher value.
  • Voucher Use, the earned vouchers can be utilized personally or serve as thank you gifts for your staff, fostering a collaborative and rewarding environment for everyone.

How do I join?


Other Questions....

Can I let my fellow business friends know about this club?

Yes of course, the more the merrier and just simply email shop@pricklythistlescotland.com and we will be in touch to get them all signed up.

Do you accommodate groups of customers?

Absolutely, if you have a group who would like to come into store as part of your recommendation.  If the group is more than 10 people, then please let us know and we can make sure we have plenty of the rebel team around to look after them.

Can you do private shopping experiences?

Indeed we can, depending on the season and day of the week we could look to host this early morning or early/late evening.  During the summer months are store will be open for long days all week, and in the winter we will be closed a few days of the week.  If we can make it work we can, so just reach out with the details/dates etc and we will do what we can!  Just email us on shop@pricklythistlescotland.com

Can I use the 5% Vouchers as gifts for friends and family?

Of course you can, just let us know their email address and we can issue the e-gift card straight to them on your behalf.

Can I use the 5% Vouchers online?

These vouchers are for instore online at Rebel Row, Inverness.

Should you have any questions then please reach out to us on email anytime, we love saying hello! shop@pricklythistlescotland.com


The Bad-Ass Story of our Existence

Where did it all begin, the why then, the why now and the future of why not?

Officially A Rebel Member Of

Officially A Rebel Member Of