Cost Per Wear: Our 3 top tips

Cost Per Wear: Our 3 top tips - Prickly Thistle

When buying bread, we may think about how many sandwiches we can get out of a loaf. Same with a car, we’ll seriously consider the miles per gallon before buying. With clothing, we do think about price but not in the same way. Fast fashion companies set things up so that a lot of people don’t consider how many times they’ll wear something and how that equates to value for money. We want to bring this into the minds of people, because even though we need to sell to exist, we don’t exist to sell! We see CPW as a vitally impactful way to change behaviour for the better.

Here's our 3 top tips:

  1. When you spend time online or in shops and you feel inclined to buy something, step out of the hype bubble and ask yourself "how much do I really love it?" If you walked away and waited a couple of days, would you still think about it? This is a good indication of whether you would use the product lots or not. Try this little exercise out and see what happens!
  2. The less clothing you have, the more you'll wear pieces and get the absolute best value for money. We know you lot out there are so badass it does sometimes seem like you can achieve the impossible, but without time machines there’s only so much you can wear in a week!
  3. If you save your money for clothes that are made well with natural fibers, by purpose-driven makers – yes you will spend more up front. But then because you’ve invested in these pieces, you will WANT to wear them more for how great they feel – and the stories you can share when other folk ask about them (oh trust us, they will)

Want to know more about this great way to change for the better? We have a detailed page all about it, check it out! and also let the calculations speak for themselves!


Clare and the Team


P.S Our 'You Can’t Say That’ podcast Ep 7 gives all the food for thought on this topic. Listen today

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  • Cathy S Craig

    I just watched Clara modeling the cape and wild robe. I’m curious if the pockets could be turned so that they’re more vertical. I don’t use a purse and I prefer to carry things in Pockets. can the pockets be turned? I also wonder why there aren’t some large buttons on the front. I live in Colorado and I’m in snow and I don’t want my front getting cold and wet. How about one or two large buttons on the front? I’ve purchased two of your scarves. And I’m very intrigued with your whole process and philosophy. And on my next trip to Scotland I would hope to come visit you. Thanks for what you’re doing. Cscraig

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