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Plastic Clothes - We Are Always Learning

We never stop learning, which is amazing when you think about it!  At Prickly Thistle we love to share our learnings, and even when you learn holy sh#t I never knew that I need to rethink a few things we say wow, how lucky are we to be living such an important time for change!

As part of our recent guest drop-in day at the V&A Dundee, we hosted an afternoon at the 'Plastic Lab' to talk about 'Do you know you are wearing plastic?'

We created a series of QR code info links to the pages below so that all who visited could learn what we have learned, and more importantly ask questions!

This is what we have learned so far, and we are literally scratching the oil surface, but the more we learn the more we realise wearing oil is not healthy for people or planet - plus when you think about it, it kinda makes sense to go back to natural fibres, buy less, buy better and probably save a lot of money too....

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