Panel Kilt X Limited Edition X Black Elements
Panel Kilt X Limited Edition X Black Elements
Panel Kilt X Limited Edition X Black Elements
Panel Kilt X Limited Edition X Black Elements
Panel Kilt X Limited Edition X Black Elements
Panel Kilt X Limited Edition X Black Elements

Panel Kilt X Limited Edition X Black Elements

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What we love about this panel skirt is that you have distinct varying panel lengths that you can switch up as to what you want to have at the front, back or sides anytime.  Have fun and twist away….  With a belt and loop design, featuring our iconic hardware of choice, as with all of our kilts you have 3” of size play.  How eco-cool is that!

All panel kilts are made to order, it fit’s better, so will be loved more and in time saves the planet and your purse…. 

What It's Made Of

  • Made with 100% finest natural merino wool
  • Spun and dyed in Scotland
  • Woven into tartan fabrics by us at our Highland mill
  • All labels made from hand cut and laser etched Scottish leather

Who It's Made By

  • Made by bad-ass womxn and men of the Scottish Highlands 
  • Proudly preserving century old textile skills and machinery
  • Also proudly disrupting the world of future clothing, we have seen the past and it works!

• Size – Made to Measure, please specify your preferred waistband size (ie where you want the kilt to sit) and your widest hip size. Your kilt will be made to order, then despatched within 2-4 weeks

• Length – featuring 3 panels, the lengths vary, the long front apron panel is 38” with the short under apron panel being 25”, finally the middle panel is 31” long.

• Waistband – should your waist size be over 52” your maxi will feature an extra panel of the same fabric to ensure we can keep being bad-ass zero waist but also give you plenty of fabric swag perfect for you.

• Item Finishing – Rope stitch edging with small hand fray finish on maxi edge, one feature kilt strap and buckle, with branded real leather label specifying the makers batch.

• Fabric Design - Black Elements, a new limited edition design interpretation of our Elements tartan. We have gone back to black, and grey.... mirroring the 4 shades used in each element tartan we have created this edgy and very rebellious black beauty!

• Weave Design - woven to our unique and in-house created technical shadow twill. Creating an eye catching ribbed affect, our shadow weave adds rebellious body!

• Fabric Repeat – all fabric has been cut by hand from the cloth roll woven at our mill, therefore aspects of the repeat will be unique to each item, which is pretty cool as it makes them all unique!

• Colour Options - Black and dark grey hues

• Fabric Weight Options - Lightweight to wear with a densely woven thread count. This is a truly fine merino wool wonder!

If you need any help with working out your sizes, then check out our Measure Me Size Guide

See Clare, the founder of Prickly Thistle, share more about the collections, how you can build your very own garment, what the design features are and why making clothing on a made to measure basis is making a better future for us all (and looking very rebel bad-ass!)

Check out some rebel one off looks with the team at Prickly Thistle.

Real womxn wearing real clothes in a real fun way!

  • 1st & ONLY B Corp Mill in Scotland
  • Planet Loving Natural Fibres
  • Zero Waste For Life Design
  • Worldwide Shipping

For all of our made to order items we can usually have your made to order and measure clothing to you within 2 weeks, when our fabric stores have your fabric on the roll.

For all items ordered as part of the 4 X A Year Club, we can have your clothing to you from as early as 2 weeks or it may be up to 8-10 weeks if we need more fabric. As we are weavers, its super handy right! No waiting months and months for items to pass around various factories, we do it all under one roof.

There is loads of cool things you can do and do not need to do when you wear natural fibre clothing! For the full low down on all this caring, checkout our guide and for more info on worn wear repairs, here is some tricks of the trade!.

You can also read more about our No Wash Club Rules here, try it!

Here we proudly share with you our less than x 1 mark-up that we apply, and how this garment has been costed.

Most brands in the 'fashion' world add multipliers of x 2 for wholesale then add another x 2 for retail. When you buy direct from us its a less than x 1, we use the profits from everything we create to support more fairly paid jobs and push the textile world to be more eco-conscious. But we do a lot more like donating to charities and education bodies. This is what we proudly call our ethical pay it forward mark up. For full information on this, check out our full process and pricing page.

The cost breakdown for this garment is;
Fabric Cost £89.10
Labour To Make £89.25
QC, Labelling & Packing £8.00
Overheads (incl insurance, premise costs etc) £37.27
Total Cost To Company £233.62
Free Shipping £30.00
Ethical Pay It Forward Mark Up After Shipping x 0.59 £101.38

Time to Make : 4.25hrs
Cut 0.5hrs
Fray Stitch 0.25hrs
Assemble 2.25hrs
Kilt Strap & Buckle & Belt 1hr
Trim & Press 0.25hrs

For Cost Per Wear (CPW) we just wanted to share how buying less, paying ethical prices, loving and wearing more is actually really affordable, its all about the number of wears!

You wear the item 3 times a week for the next 3 years, that is 468 wears. The CPW is £355 divided by 468 wears, Cost Per Wear 76p!

Read more about our transparent pricing and processes here.

It is something the 'fashion' world in particular is really bad at.... but we are bad-ass so nothing to hide under this piece of tartan, nothing bad but maybe an ass!

We want to help be part of the solution that drives regenerative change. Buying less, loving more, paying ethical prices and feeling awesome is what we are all about.

To do that, we have these yes we give a sh#t options for you!

1. Our 4 X A Year Pre Order

2. Lay-Away Plans

3. Become a VIR

4. Pay 50% Now & 50% Later

We offer worldwide fully tracked shipping to all customers. Your clothes will be sent to you in our bad-ass compostable shippers. There is also some surprises in their too, like our tartan rebellion organic tote, free with every order and cedar hand branded hangers for all clothing items!

FREE shipping is gifted for all orders over £275 being delivered in the UK or USA and for EU and Canada delivery addresses all orders over £350 are FREE.

Please read our full shipping policy for more info on other countries, duties, taxes and all that stuff.

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