5 Reasons We Avoid Change

5 Reasons We Avoid Change - Prickly Thistle

 As Robert Kennedy once said "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly".

Change is both gratifying and terrifying for some, our industry has changed so drastically in the past 100 years and we at Prickly are always looking at how we can change to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.   But we are aware that often actions labelled as change for progress is not progress at all!

We love nothing more than looking backwards to the way things were, when we were kinder to our planet, probably without people realising it, but we were also kinder to ourselves.  When you think about it this way, progress can be doing what we did in the past, and that is perfectly acceptable in a world that has become addicted to 'new' and 'innovation'.

How do you cope with change? We thought it would be good to think about how we have at times tried to avoid change as a society and personally.  Here is 6 reasons we found to be common in resisting change and some tips to overcome!

Procrastination - we all have a tendency to postpone the difficult and uncomfortable. Unless we create a sense of urgency, there's always time to think about change tomorrow!

Rebel Tip - plan your day and do the thing that you don't want to do first, after that everything else will be a breeze!

Lack of Motivation - Unless the personal benefits are clear, most people will decide that change isn't worth the effort. 

Rebel Tip - when you start to realise how great you feel after doing something for someone else you will be changed forever, doing something for yourself does not even enter your mind after that point.

Fear of Failure - If change requires learning a new skill, change may be avoided simply because we are not emotionally ready to deal with a potential setback.

Rebel Tip - every adventure including those that don't work our is a badge of honour, we say here at least we tried and we feel damn proud as a result. 

Fear of the Unknown - what we don't know frightens us. The very thought of leaving our comfort zone and facing uncertainty creates enough anxiety and paralysis to avoid change. People are more comfortable with the known - even if it's not functioning well.

Rebel Tip - embrace learning and the potential it offers you, tell someone how you feel.  They may even help you! 

Lack of Communication - If we do not understand why change is required, misunderstand the initiator's intent, or receive information in bits and pieces, we are more likely to resist change.

Rebel Tip - never be afraid to ask for clarification, no question is ever a stupid question.  What we do is always start off with 'I don't know much about this XYZ can you tell me more?'. 

If you have any more tips on how to embrace change then let us know!.

This video on Navigating Change by Simon Sinek is worth a WATCH he talks about the power of diffusion in a business, but that often can be same as a family, a friendship group or a country....  Essentially the crazy ones at the front are the best leaders.... yup the rebels!

What will she say in 200 years....

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