Have you heard of BT? It is the time "Before Tights"

Have you heard of BT?  It is the time "Before Tights"

We have all heard of BC?  Well the one I talk about all of the time, is BT, the world before tights..... which was not long ago!

Less than 100 years ago, the 1930's marked an era where the fabric landscape shifted massively with the arrival of nylon – a "revolutionary" material that altered the course of "fashion".  However, as we gaze back at the time before synthetic fabrics made with mineral fibres took centre stage, the allure of natural fibres becomes even more apparent.

The Nylon Takeover

Nylon, once hailed as a "groundbreaking fabric", which is ironic when you consider the damage it is causing to the planet....  But at the time this "incredible" discovery swiftly infiltrated and smothered the fashion scene.  Nylon stockings, in particular, became synonymous with modernity, convenience and sex appeal (I know....)  Yet, as nylon gained ubiquity, it had by them permeated many aspects of our lives, from intimate apparel to everyday wear.  But we do wonder for how long that will last now?

Uncomfortable Nights with Nylon Bedding

Some of you may remember and never forget the discomfort of sleeping on nylon bedding?  These sheets, lacking warmth or ability to breath, all causing restless nights were in nearly every home.  But even with that it did not full translate to the clothing we were wearing, nylon sheets we would complain about but not the latest suit or summer dress.  But still the concept of being fossil fuels, plastic, synthetic just passed us all by. 

Getting Back to Natural Fibres

To recapture the essence of how we lived in a time BT and foster a more sustainable future, we can turn our attention back to the amazing plant and animal natural fibres that nature gifts to us. Here are five ideas to guide us on the path where comfort and eco-consciousness define our clothing choices from today;

  • Natural Fibres - check those labels ladies and the details on the store websites, look to see what the garments are made of, if you are unsure ask them.  Often it is pretty easy to tell when its a chemical cocktail....
  • Support Sustainable Brands - choose brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in their fabric sourcing and production, but do be careful of greenwashing!
  • Educate and Share Findings with your Friends - raise awareness about the environmental impact of synthetic fabrics.  Encourage friends, family and community members to make informed choices.  Sometimes it can be tricky at first but don't be scared to use your voice, most of us know nothing about this, I was one who knew nothing not that long ago.
  • Recycle Old Fabrics - explore ways to recycle and repurpose old fabrics, reducing the demand for new synthetic materials.
  • Advocate for Change - support initiatives and policies that promote sustainable practices within the textile industry, fostering a shift towards natural fibres and slow manufacturing.

At Prickly Thistle, we all follow these principles and more, always mindful of the question, 'what will she say in 200 years?'  Our commitment extends beyond clothing now that we know more, its "fashion freedom"!

As we navigate the challenges of a synthetic-dominated world and its clever jargon and terms, let's embrace the lessons from Life BT, which was not that long ago and it was a textile life we cherished for thousands of years....

Love Clare and the team x

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