Clothes Over Fashion: What do these words really MEAN?

Clothes Over Fashion: What do these words really MEAN? - Prickly Thistle


'Fashion' is used as an umbrella term for anything clothing related, which isn’t good when we look at what it really means today. It’s a bureaucratic relationship with clothes dictated by powerful people deciding what’s hot and what’s not, and rolling waves of trends that convince us to constantly update. Well, we’ve unsubscribed!

We purely see clothes – BEFORE all the commodification and destruction. They developed from the inherent human desire to dress the body and express ourselves - a visual voice, a direct communication from the wearer, so don’t worry… embracing clothes over fashion is not boring!

You have a right to feel GOOD through what you wear without causing harm to others, the planet and yourself. It’s why we don’t tell you how to wear our clothes, you can switch it up through their inherent versatility instead! Giving trends the boot means you don’t need to buy more to continuously update. It saves you TIME, MONEY and from the stressy feelings of just having too much stuff. 

Here’s our clothing-translations for 3 common fashion phrases to add to your rebel repertoire:

  1. “I am not fashionable” = I don’t subscribe to trends that drain people’s bank accounts and the planet’s resources
  2. “I am an outfit-repeater” = I just wear clothes dude, it’s what they’re for
  3. “That colour doesn’t suit me” = I can wear whatever colour I want, just not ones made from oil. Let’s not keep fossil fuels as the hottest trend eh!


Clare and the Team


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