Meaningful Maps: Our Rebel Radius of Heritage

Meaningful Maps: Our Rebel Radius of Heritage - Prickly Thistle


What meaningful things they are

A 10,000 year journey of humans trying to understand this Earth. Their development is a testament to the art of making mistakes, something which we are big advocates for! They are also the result of bold steps into the unknown… something else we relate to as a trailblazing wee company. Without the inquisitive and adventurous minds of people over the years, we would not be able to say that now highly detailed maps of the entire world are carried around in our pockets today!

Maps are an emphasis of the relationships between elements in a space and, like tartan, they tell the stories of a place. Funnily enough 'map' is an old slang word for a person's face too... which we really love.

With that, we thought why not make use of this incredible vessel of communication to help people explore our Highland home, as the area around us here at Prickly HQ is steeped in fascinating history and, of course, breath-taking natural beauty. Using local knowledge from our team we have crafted a map which can act as a valuable resource for our community; be it visitors coming from other places or locals who want to dive deeper into the place they call home… and maybe discover something they didn’t know about before.

Therefore, we are delighted to present: The 14 Mile Rebel Radius Map

14 is a special number here at Prickly, as it has a personal meaning to our me, so what better than to measure a 14 mile radius around our mill and pinpoint all the places within it that have significance to Highland culture and heritage.

This map will be a living and breathing resource, which we’ll keep updating it any time we discover something new in the area. If you’ve got any suggestions, please get in touch!

Happy exploring

Love Clare and the team


P.S We've set up a new page called Rebel Maps, check it out if you fancy learning more about our Supply Chain or for recommendations for places to sleep and eat near to our mill 

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