We are,
Prickly Thistle

Our four pillars of purpose

It Real

By being real ourselves


inside boundaries of paradox

Activism &

using our voices & hands for change


defined by what we are not

Rebel Maps

Scotland Map Prickly Thistle Logo

Maps are so meaningful. They are an emphasis of relationships between elements in a space and, like tartan, they tell the stories of a place. Funnily enough 'map' is an old slang word for a person's face too... which we really love. They are our identity and so we present here some maps we have carefully crafted to help you discover more about the place we call home 

The '14 Mile Rebel Radius' Map

The area around us is steeped in history and heritage; which we have captured in this map of all the places of rebellious reason with 14 miles of Prickly Thistle HQ

The 'Rebel Spots Recommendation' Map

For visitors to the area, this is a map of suggestions for places to stay and eat nearby to our mill ... to lay yer heid and fill yer belly as we say

The 'Where We Source From' Map

A very important one to uphold our standards of transparency, this map is dedicated to outlining our supply chain

The Bad-Ass Story of our Existence

Where did it all begin, the why then, the why now and the future of why not?

Officially A Rebel Member Of

Officially A Rebel Member Of