Our One Thing for 2024 - Don't Label Me - Label Them

Our One Thing for 2024 - Don't Label Me - Label Them

Don't Label Me - Label Them!

Hey there, fellow ethical-warriors and consciously dressed badasses!

For 2024, we've rallied around one powerful cause – LABELLING (plus we still have a few other causes on the go too....) but this little diary entry is to record our plans for labelling.

Why labelling, you ask?  We felt that if our clothes are rocking that plastic vibe, we want to know it loud and clear, "proudly" displayed on the label by the plastic clothes maker and retailer. After all, don't we all deserve to be informed about what we're wearing?  All too often I hear policy makers and others talking about promoting natural fibres in a new way (blah blah) no.... how about those who are making and selling highly flammable, chemically laden and planet destroying clothes do more, they can get the extra label!

So our mission this year is to spread the word far and wide – from government corridors to your local streets, watch this space we may even have a petition on the go....

We feel it is so unfair to make life harder for the natural fibre creators and makers, lets face it we know the cost of living crisis is punishing so many right now, and ethically made product is not "cheap" (for a reason) so these businesses are fighting to survive at the moment.  Nope, our spotlight is on those peddling lighter fuel fashion – oil, plastic, or whatever you want to call it.  We have now ditched plastic bags for our groceries, only to find out we've been unwittingly wearing the same stuff. Oh dear, the irony of taking home a plastic dress in a paper bag....

We are passionate advocates for a global textile world where transparency is the norm, not the exception.  If you have seen brilliant campaigns, labels of local government legislation that tries to clean up this space then do let us know.  We will be working on a 5 pronged fork approach to this war on fossil fashion, and if you think we could do more then give us a shout!

  1. Start a Scottish Government Petition under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, whereby we are not being given all of the health related information associated with fossil fashion and fabrics, and demand new labelling laws in Scotland for all fabric items sold that are made with fossil fuels
  2. Complete fundamental research into unproven safety associated with fossil fashion and fabrics, this has never been done before in Scotland.
  3. Release a podcast or radio documentary about fossil fashion and fabrics
  4. Start our No Bra Club meet up at our new store, sharing knowledge and ideas around how we can let others know more about this
  5. Meet with the Scottish Minister for Public Procurement & Public Health in person to find out why fossil fuel linens are used in our "great" NHS

So 2024 are you ready, we demand to know what's in our clothes and all fabrics, where labels are more than just a blend of materials, and where being informed is the new black. Join us in embracing the change and please share anything you might know in this space, because bad-ass womxn make sh# happen....

Love Clare and the team x

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  • Anne Coleman

    Yes Claire & prickly team !!!

    We need the petrochemical clothing industry to come clean about their long term health effects. I find it highly ironic that the polys-icians woffled on about getting rid of plastic bags but are now sending plastic clothing home in paper bags total irony there. We have so called recycling in our home waste collection but so much of it is sent overseas to be dumped in another country. Hang on can we not reduce and reuse plastic here in the UK. Can we not reduce the production of virgin plastic products? Can we not look at recycling plastics we have effectively and efficiently here locally in the UK to reduce the waste dumping and its effect on the environment long term? If you have to use plastic for a specific reason and it better be a bloody unbeatable reason why another natural product could not be used instead.

    Now the polys want to add extra labelling to natural fibre clothing ummm. Hang on isn’t that idiotic why not apply it to the plastic clothing industry first. As someone who has allergies and reacts poorly to petrochemical clothing in particular I question the health and safety of the production process for humans involved and for the environment.

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