Shite Stereotypes: Sustainable living is for ALL

Shite Stereotypes: Sustainable living is for ALL - Prickly Thistle

There should be no such thing as a sustainability stereotype, even stereotypes in general, why do we have them (another blog perhaps on this one...)

So for the sustainable one that is being phrased right now literally all over, what do you think about all of this?  Mixed opinions as to who is more sustainable than who?, can some people feel like they cannot be more sustainable in their living, do they have reasons why?  Is it all about affordability?  It is all about community?  There is loads of questions right!

For us, like you, we find we can end up in a super complex brain melt down moment when we over think it, and read all of these reports.  So maybe we just keep is super simple, sounds like a plan!

To be sustainable, we think has three core actions, ways of thinking

  1. Waste as little as you can, food waste, throwing stuff out because you do not like it anymore or don't have room.  Re-use everything, when you look at all that you have in a different way, like you were on a desert island say, you realise wow we have so much here, let's get creative.
  2. Don't know, don't buy, if you do not know the where, why, what and who about anything you buy then why buy it?  It might take a bit longer to work out where you buy things from, the great thing is with taking your time you will actually spend less!
  3. Use you voice, when you learn something about a more resourceful way of living that actually makes you super happy too (genuinely this is one of the best things about this) share it with everyone!  Ask them why they do what they do when it comes to waste and buying new things.  We all felt awkward at first when we started asking, but then we realised it was easy, it can even be fun!  

We would love to know what you think are fun actions or ways of thinking we can all take on board, and that is everyone.  Those who like to say its only for the eco-people, or the wealthy, or the ones who do it for a job, or even put people into a generation stereotype, we think this is all a bit shite to be honest.  This is something we can all be part, and ensure everyone is part of. 

One of the stereotypes that gets us, is that only the wealthy can afford to be sustainable, now if there was ever a paradox this is it!  They are actually often the worst offenders, waste to them is like a badge of honour, constant new purchases is a badge of honour.

That all aside, its mindset, do we give a shit or not?  Your bank balance, age, home address or job does not determine you mindset on this subject, they are used as excuses to not give a shit perhaps?  

To always end on a happy vide, giving a shit feels amazing!  Try it out and let us know how you feel....



Clare and the Team


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